All Natural Healing Cream

Body creams come in many forms, especially in today's growing market, but increasingly consumers are becoming aware that not all creams and lotions are created equal. Despite making claims that they are "all natural", many of the most popular products don't actually live up to that billing. A quick look at the ingredient list reveals that everything isn't always what it seems, which is why it pays to be an educated consumer.

Exposure to the sun and to harsh environmental irritants can do a great deal of damage to the skin. The use of soaps, body washes and lotions which contain synthetic ingredients only exacerbates the problem. For this reason, body lotion and creams which contain only natural, plant based ingredients are the safest and healthiest way to protect and soothe your skin.

Body creams made from a carefully balanced combination of plant based ingredients offer the most comprehensive treatment for all kinds of skin, from oily to dry. Vitamins, plant oils and natural enzymes contained in these products work to replenish depleted moisture as well as treating the underlying cause of skin problems for lasting results. Overall, these products leave you looking and feeling better and you can rest assured that you aren't putting anything onto or into your body that you shouldn't.

The most innovative development in skin care todayis the inclusion of vitamin E, coenzymeQ10 and other natural antioxidants in body lotion and creams. These naturally occurring compounds rid the body of harmful toxins, reducing dryness, restoring proper hydration and erasing the signs of aging safely and gently.

Other plant based ingredients such as avocado and macadamia oils, keratin and shea butter work to promote collagen production and stimulate cell growth. By balancing the skin's natural hydration, body creams which contain these ingredients restore elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Overall, this results in a softer, smoother, more youthful appearance not to mention healthier skin.

In order to be sure that you are using a product which is truly all natural, you should carefully examine the list of ingredients. Most popular body lotion and creams will contain artificial fragrances and parabens as preservatives and should be avoided. These synthetic compounds can actually cause more harm than they correct by damaging the skin with harsh chemicals. Truly natural products will get their fragrance strictly from plant based sources and use only organic preservatives.

Arming yourself with as much information as possible is the key to finding the most effective product for you. Read the manufacturer's information for any body creams you are considering so that you know exactly what you're getting. You'll also want to be sure that the product you choose offers a full money back guarantee. Remember, no two products will work the same for each person, so do your homework and find the one that works for you.

The skin is the largest organ and it can also be the most sensitive. If you are exposing your skin to harmful irritants on a daily basis, then you need to be sure that you are also providing it with the best treatment possible. Safe, healthy, organic skin care products are much easier to find these days, so don't hesitate to look. If soft, smooth, supple skin is your goal, finding the right product can make all the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How to reduce scarring from scabs?
    I managed to graze my leg about a month ago now.. While the scabs went within a week (no picking or any creams etc applied, all natural healing). I am left with patches of darker skin where the scabs were. At first I thought this was normal but they haven't reduced at all.

    Is there anything that i can to to reduce these marks or get rid of them.

    • ANSWER:
      Use a product like Mederma made specially for scar removal. Any local drugstore will have these products, there are many more than just Mederma, so look around or ask a pharmacist for help. Mederma is a great product, but you might find something that fits your needs better.

    what is the fastest working cream/ointment/whatever for healing a cut?
    i have calendula and might give that a go?
    and what else would you suggest?
    my mum's into all the natural kind of stuff so we have alot of that kind of thing.
    it's nothing too bad i just want it to heal fast.

    • ANSWER:

    anyone know a good natural remedy for cat scratches all over my legs?
    lavender oil? arnica cream? something to help them heal up a bit quicker!! any ideas? my kitten's a nutter and they're a little unsightly especially considering it's coming up to summer and I want to get my legs out!!
    any answers gratefully received!
    not getting rid of the cat, you smart arses!!

    • ANSWER:
      Get premium Lavander oil and mix it with Olive Oil, extra virgin and first cold press, in a proportion 50:50, and apply gently to the affected area after cleaning it with warm water and salt.

      Do this for 3-5 days, twice a day, and you'll be fine.

    Healing sunburns quickly?
    I was in the sun all day yesterday, and even though I kept re-applying sunscreen, I still got burnt! I have very sensitive skin and its works on the bridge of my nose and my shoulders.
    Does anyone have any natural remedies or creams that will help the redness and soreness go away?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm an Australian and believe me, we know all about sunburn (strangely, we never put an 's' on the word). Our sovereign remedy is cold tea compresses. Make strong black tea and let it cool and dab it on the snburn. Very soothing as well as healing. Vitamin A cream after the cold tea treatment is also recommended.

    Hyperthyroid cat and felimazole?
    Hi i ask this question before i just like to no has anyone had any sideaffect with using this treatment
    My cat has itchy skin it happen on just the one leg it itch that mush that he has loss is fur so before i go back to the vet for a check up i mwas thinking of using this product
    VetGold Cream 60ml
    VetGold™ is an all-natural Dead Sea product specially designed to promote the natural healing of dry, damaged and irritated itchy skin. VetGold is enriched with Dead Sea minerals, natural oils and natural plant extracts that rejuvenate, revitalise, moisturise and nourish the skin cells. VetGold does not contain any non-organic medicinal chemicals such as cortisone, steroids or synthetic vitamins which, with prolonged use, may cause harm.

    Also has one one use the other treatment like
    Radioactive iodine

    • ANSWER:
      not used ,but if you get the your cat mag there are chat rooms on there to ask questions or phone lines,i know it not much use but could help help

    How to heal dry skin and chapped lips?
    Some tips on how to heal dry skin or dry lips:
    I recommend Cococare cocoa butter cream. works like somthing expensive but only 99 cents at big lots or walgreens.

    This delicately scented cream was formulated with natural cocoa butter especially to help in the treatment of dry, rough skin.
    Ideal for wrinkles and stretch marks.
    Cocoa Butter Spuer Rich Formula Cream Daily use will help protect your skin from the adverse effects of climatic and environmental conditions.
    Cocoa Butter Super Rich Formula Cream is non-greasy and is designed for use as an all-over body moisturizer.

    DIRECTIONS: Apply liberally - Massage gently.

    Once again I am recomending another 99 cent cococare product. Also works like an expensive product. Cococares lip balm is great for chapped lips. I highly recomend to keep these two products with you at all times incase you need it.

    Pros : Effective(4), Soothing(4), Healing(3)
    others agree with the pros

    • ANSWER:
      i was told by tira banks she use Vaseline on her lips and it works

    Ingrown hair gone wrong...?
    I usually get my bikini area waxed etc. and I am not nor have ever been prone to Ingrowns but about two weeks ago I got a large ingrown, so I left it alone and applied Antiseptic cream to it etc but it seems to have gotten worse with time and I have tried needles and tweezers and everything but now there seems to be no hairs at all...I can't find them! HELP! Its become red and larger and hard I can't find any hairs but sometimes pus comes out and now I have no idea how to go about this. Any creams or natural ways for it to either heal/bring the hair to the surface?
    ANY help please!

    • ANSWER:
      folliculitis, it sucks. especially there. what happens is when a hair curls and disappears under the skin causing inflammation and infection. hot compresses, do not squeeze as this will cause the infectious bacteria to spread under the skin and can cause the hair to be pushed further under the skin. sorry to say this but you may need to go to a dr and have it lanced with a small needle. do not pull the hair out as the bacteria *(puss) will then make it into the hair shaft. its best to free the hair and allow it to grow out. tea tree oil is good for soothing the irritation but do not use peroxide as it keeps the tissue soft and you want it to heal. if it has formed a hard knot....mix a teaspoon of ginger and a teaspoon of turmeric with just enough water to make a this on it. when it dries flake it off and apply more, do this until all the puss is on the surface under the skin. with a sterilized needle break the skin just enough to allow it to ooze, keep applying this paste as it will pull the infection out. then use some tea tree oil, and leave it uncovered to air dry. if this does not work go to your doctor. i work in esthetics's and frankly this is one of the contraindications often caused by a change in birth control. if the pain is horrible most stores carry a product called boil ease that will help with the pain.

    Be Serious, How do you deal with chapped lips, not on your face?
    I think I had a yeast infection just after I gave birth to my son, dealt with that, now that's all good, but before I figured out what was going on (never had one before) I had itched the skin around my vagina raw. It's chapped, and when it starts healing it itches. I just can't seem to get over it. Can you give me a reccomendation of something to use that won't sting like the dickens, or cause another yeast infection, please? I know it can't be antibacterial cream. That will make the natural yeast go crazy. Need info please. Sick of this!!!

    • ANSWER:
      they have a cream for vaginal itchind and rawness and this is what you need.. one name i have is vaginex and i have another generic brand and it is called equate vagicaine cream and they do help....and try not to have intercouse until this has healed up...but just use this cream and it will help .. i bought some panty liners and use them during the time i use this cream.. save on the messy feeling in your panties...hope this helps.. i know it will........

    about three months ago i had tattoo removal on a all black tattoo the skin has healed?
    but my skin tone had changed to a slightly dark brown i am wondering if this is natural i kept my tattoo out of sun and followed all the after right ? should i think aobut using whiting creams like skin bleachs ?

    • ANSWER:
      If you want to that's fine, but its normal. A lot of tattoo removal will leave discolored skin. There's nothing you can do about it really.

    I am seeking alternative medicine for- nodulocystic acne.?
    Hello all,
    I have a skin disease known as -Trunkel nodulocystic acne. Red boils occurs in armpits. It started from armpits 7-8 years back ,now it also occurs on back , underparts. They r very painful. Doctor has prescribed- Isotroin medicines, Azithromycin. And lotion- acnesol, T-bact cream.

    In two months of medication its not improved yet. Moreover -isotroin medicine has some serious sideeffects . And also these medicines r very costly. So please prescribe me any solution which is natural,, like - healing, herbs, mantras, pshycic technique,excercise, killing bacteria technique etcc..

    Although i applied ayurveda herbs,but no solution yet. According to doctors -Main culprit is bacteria named- Staph aurelds,,, or staphylococus aureus. It reside in nose, anus areas. So how to get rid of this bacteria. If through some technique i will manage to kill that then i it will be right solution.

    i am waiting for response,

    • ANSWER:
      Dear Montu

      no worries

      nodulocystic acne is curable disease only

      better to undergo homoepathy treatment

      surely you will get relief from this problem

      if you have more doubt mail to

      visit this link to know more about acne

    Fresh, natural makeup look?
    I am naturally fair skinned with light brown hair and blue (orange/yellow around the pupil) eyes. I used to have very bad skin and wore a lot of makeup due to acne, but since my visit to the dermatologist, my skin is really becoming beautiful and I don't think I need the heaviness anymore. My dermatologist prescribed Differin and Minocyclin to me, which is basically causing the acne to go away, but it's drying my skin out and making me peel. Currently, I'm using moisturizers between applications of my medicine, but when I try to do my makeup, my face becomes patchy because of the peeling. Unfortunately, I have to apply my medicine without moisturizer in the mornings right before applying my makeup, so it's hard to get that healthy skin look anymore.

    I prefer liquid or cream concealers/foundations over powder or minerals (yes, I've tried them all including Bare Minerals and I still prefer liquid) because of the dryness in my face. Basically, I'm looking to 'revamp' myself by introducing a new "fresh and natural" makeup look. I still have some spots that are healing, and I'd rather not wear a mask anymore. Instead, I just want to cover what needs to be covered, and look as pretty as possible without looking overdone or like I'm wearing makeup. Any tips?

    I'll choose best answer, of course. (:
    Darion R - Stop spamming. You didn't even answer anything that had to do with my question.

    • ANSWER:
      I have some of those problems too, and I've found liquid concealers much better because powdered concealers make your face look so dry! I actually just bought this yesterday-- cover girl trublend. You choose the shade of concealer you need, and each shade of concealer has a certain number on it. Then you find the blush with the same number on it..they've designed this specifically for a natural look. And the blush has three different shades in it, so can mix it up and get the right shade you want. So it's pretty much guaranteed to look natural since the concealer and blush correspond with eachother. (i got these from CVS, and they it wasn't too expensive) Also, to stay natural is to keep it simple. If you want to wear eyeshadow, keep the blush and lips toned down. Or if you want to do something with your lips, keep your eyes and cheeks toned down. I think you get what I'm saying. Glamour magazine really helps with these tips. Maybe you should google some picures of girls and see what they've done to have a natural look. Sorry i rambled, but I hope this wasn't too confusing and it helped you out! good luck!

    Do you think this sounds like a safe way to remove moles? I found this ointment on line & would like to try...?
    Directions for all types of Moles:

    Do not open Wart Mole Vanish cream until ready to use.
    Stir thoroughly and use immediately!
    Clean mole with provided antibacterial solution using cotton swab or wash with soap and water.
    MOLES: Scratch (rough up) entire mole surface with supplied emery board and/or toothpick. DO NOT POKE! Do not scratch skin surrounding mole. Scratching should be hard enough so that when WART & MOLE VANISH cream is applied it will penetrate mole surface, but not so hard as to make it bleed. Scratching is the most important part! You may need to pinch a flat mole between your fingers to rough it up, so if you can't use both hands, ask a friend to help you. Try not to rough up the skin around the mole.
    RAISED MOLES 1/8" - 1/4" (3-6mm) or more may need 2 back to back treatments.
    FLAT Moles will need only one treatment. (APPLY ONLY A THIN LAYER OF WMV CREAM!)
    Open Wart Mole Vanish cream bottle and stir contents thoroughly with applicator stick. DO NOT USE COTTON SWAB. (Re-hydrate if necessary to a watery cream)
    Using tip of applicator stick, apply a thin layer of Wart Mole Vanish cream until surface of mole is fully covered. Use only enough Wart Mole Vanish cream to cover the affected area and do not apply to the surrounding skin. (A little goes a long way.) Replace bottle top.
    Allow Wart Mole Vanish cream to remain for 20 minutes. There should be a moderate to strong stinging sensation lasting 5-10 minutes. Mole should turn dark brown or black.
    Swelling and or redness around mole is normal.
    Gently wash off white dried Wart Mole Vanish cream with water or a wet cotton swab.
    Raised moles 1/8" - 1/4" (3-6mm) or more may require more than one treatment to remove mole completely. Repeat steps 3-9 now, or wait 1-3 weeks for the scab to fall off and then repeat steps 1-9. Flat moles will need only one treatment.

    A SCAB should form within 24-48 hours. Be careful not to remove scab prematurely! You can wash and bathe normally. We recommend pure NATURAL VITAMIN E OIL (D-α-Tocopherol), fresh Aloe Vera or an antibiotic cream!
    Wait 1-3 weeks (up to 5 weeks is normal for large moles) for scab to fall off naturally.
    Be Patient! Under no circumstances disturb or remove the scab. It should loosen and fall off naturally.

    Important Notes:
    If bleeding occurs while scratching, WAIT as long as it takes to stop the bleeding completely before applying cream.
    If stinging sensation is not felt, it means Wart Mole Vanish cream has not penetrated the mole and the application will fail or provide only a partial result. Scratch deeper and reapply.
    Redness and swelling on skin around treated mole is a natural occurrence, indicates healing is progressing and quickly disappears.
    Pink or red tissue is normal after scab falls off. Normally, the pinkness will fade as the tissue becomes environmentally conditioned. Skin tones normally balance out within 30 days although some people may require several months for skin tones to return to normal.
    Generally speaking, the use of an antibacterial cream to prevent infection may also reduce the risk of scarring and promote faster healing. PURE NATURAL VITAMIN E OIL (D-α-Tocopherol) is highly recommended!
    Avoid contact with normal skin. Should contact occur, simply wipe off with wet cotton swab or, scrape off with unused end of applicator stick, then immediately wash the area with water.
    USE WITH CHILDREN: Wart Mole Vanish can be used with children as long as they can sit patiently while undergoing the application procedure. The stinging sensation can be significant for sensitive children. Caution is advised. Contact us for more information about the use with children.
    IF MIXTURE DRIES UP, it may be possible to rehydrate. Use applicator stick to add a little water at a time to bring to original creamy consistency. (This may or may not work)

    Wart & Mole Vanish cream is for external use only. People with significant immune deficiencies or healing disorders such as keloid scars must consult a physician before using this product.

    If Wart Mole Vanish cream gets into eyes, flush thoroughly with water. If unusual discomfort arises, consult a physician. Keep out of reach of children.

    Whenever attempting to manipulate or change the dermis one should expect that a blemish or scar may result. In most circumstances the use of the product will result in a minor and temporary blemish that normally fades away within 90 days.

    Please note: You must be 18 years or older to purchase and use this product. For children, adult supervision is required.

    • ANSWER:
      Personally, I do not believe any mole should be treated like a 'wart'
      a wart is a virus and doesn't belong on your body.
      Generally moles are part of who you are and can turn cancerous.

      Moles also are vascular and grow beneath the surface.

      Personally I believe they should be treated by a professional and will most likely grow back because they are below the surface was well.
      Plus if you mess with moles you tend to disturb them and can cause trauma.

    A cream or tablet/capsule to help with rash?
    I recently had a cold sore, the area where the cold sore was is now healed (or still healing) but now the area around it has got red and irritated. Ive continued taking Lysine tablets with meals (2 tablets twice a day) and i apply white petroleum jelly (vaseline) regularly to keep moisturized and reduce pain. Though its not all that effective and only temporary... Is there a cream (like maybe quartorzone) or a tablet that would be effective in helping the rash subside, calm down, heal and preferably rid me of in a short time?
    NB that i am only 15 so preferably something that would be suitable for my age group and preferably not prescription.
    Though i am open to all ideas and if need be i will seek medical advice for it.
    As i said, the cold sore blister is gone and there is new skin coming through, though its just the irritation tht is painful. I had the sore for the best part of 1.5 weeks and took a hefty amount of drugs and natural treatment to get rid of it.
    Thanks for the help guys!
    Please if you could also recommend certain foods that could help in the healing process and some that i shouldnt eat thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      If you are sure the rash is not a new cold sore developing, go to the drug store and get some aloe vera gel. That should help if the rash is not itchy. If it is itchy, you might want to ask the pharmacist about an over the counter hydrocortisone cream. Just eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

    Acne - are there any natural cures?
    What are the best ways of preventing breakouts of acne and reducing redness or breakouts?

    Here are a few things I have heard in the past:
    - exposure to the sun helps clear acne ( but too much exposure can be bad)
    - vitamin E helps heal acne
    - vitamin C helps prevent or heal acne

    Any other natural tips for preventing acne breakouts or reducing the breakouts?

    I know about all those acne treatment creams and pills...I am currently using proactive.

    All I want to know is natural cures/preventions for acne or maybe the type of diet I am suppose to be on? Is there any strict exercise training? amount of sleep to get?

    • ANSWER:
      Some tips that helped me:
      - I use acne free from walmart. Hate to help out walmart but the stuff works same as proactiv but is like half price
      -wash your pillowcases as often as possible
      -touch your face as little as possible
      -drink lots of water
      -I found that chocolate makes me get bad pimples so i avoid. doctors say there is no link but that is bs in my case
      -greasy foods make my face feel greasy and that makes me break out more
      -in sun, use a oilless sunscreen
      -eat lots of veggies so your body has proper nutrients to fight infection (which acne is)

      All of these have really helped me! Good luck

    The only cure for the Psoriasis?
    Hi All,

    OK this is how I cured my Psoriasis. But please read my suggested book titles aswell as i think it is essential that you are also self educated about your particular case of Psoriasis as everybody is different and often respond differently to treatments (as mentioned in my previous posts).

    Let me first describe what was my particular case of Psoriasis and symptoms: Chronic Scalp Psoriasis was my main symptom, also small patches on nose folds, ears and eyebrows (mainly during flareups). Also infrequent small patches on my lower legs and groin area. I also had a minor form of Gastritis/IBS which gave me constant stomach bloating. I also was increasingly becoming more intolerant to different foods (a sure sign of an intestinal imbalance and an unhappy Liver).

    I cured my Psoriasis by working both from the outside aswell as the inside as follows-:

    Outside (external treatment): Regular application of healing cream to Psoriasis spots (2 or 3 times a day). Also use only Natural shower gels and shampoos that do not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (most good health shops stock this). SLS is a harsh detergent that will only slow your healing process.

    Ingredients: 2 Parts pure Aloe Vera Gel, 1 part Jojoba Oil, enough to fill a small 50ml/50g jar. Then add the contents of a punctured capsule that contains either liquid Vitamin A as Retynil Acetate or Palmitate (ask your pharmacy), or simply fish liver oil as this also contains pure Vitamin A&D (the smelly option). Also add a few drops of pure tea tree oil to the preparation. Keep a jar handy for regular use. Once your patches disappear you can use the same cream but without the Vitamin A as a maintenance cream. Or the Body Shop Aloe Vera daily soothing moisture cream is a surprisingly good maintenance cream aswell. A Great face cream too!

    Scalp Psoriasis: You should apply this preparation once to your scalp and wash it out in the evening. It is a very light gel cream that is easy to apply even to the scalp and simply looks like you have used a wet look hair gel. Wash it out with an organic Apple Cider Vinegar before using an all natural shampoo that does not contain SLS (most health shops stock these types of shampoos. Avalon is a good choice). Apple Cider Vinegar is great for killing the yeast fungus on your scalp and restoring your natural acid mantle. It is also incredibly effective against dandruff and much better then any commercial product like Head & Shoulders. The first week you should use it every other day and then just once a week after that or when your scalp feels itchy or flaky. Directions: Apply about a cup full of Apple Cider Vinegar to your scalp (use an empty water bottle and make a hole in the cap) and gently massage it in to your scalp (you can add some clove oil and/or tea tree oil to cover up the smell on your hair). Then cover it up with a towel or plastic hair cap and let it sit on your scalp for between 1/2 to 1 hour. The longer the better depending on your time available before rinsing out.

    Inside (Internal Treatment):

    1.Liver Cleansing Diet
    2.Anti-Bacterial, Fungus & protozoa course
    3.Juice Fast Weekend
    4.Immune restoring diet course

    Using Liver Tonic and natural organic multi-vitamin tonic

    All with regular exercise and massage to help toxin elimination

    Week 1&2: Liver/Blood cleansing and elimination diet:

    Wake up: Two glasses of warm water (not too hot) with a squeeze of lime or lemon juice in the second glass.

    Then 2 capsules of Evening Primrose oil

    Breakfast: Fruit only- Apple compote (or stewed apple without sugar), Bananas, Kiwi fruit, Papaya, Pineapple, (no citrus fruits).
    => If you are prone to a sensitive stomach or some form of IBS then stew your fruit first by simply cooking on low heat in a saucepan with a cover for about 10mins with a little water (this will avoid the raw Cellulose and starches irritating your system)

    Teas: Lots of Camomile, Peppermint with honey teas during the day

    Lunch: Liver green salads (which include: Cress, Lambs lettuce, Parley, Raw Garlic) or cold cooked vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables (cooked the night before) with a lemon and virgin olive oil dressing (must be home made).
    => IF you have a sensitive stomach avoid raw salads and opt for the cooked vegetables.

    Teas: Lots of Camomile, Peppermint teas with honey during the day

    Early evening Liver/Skin health drink- Home juiced: Carrot,Beet and Celery juice.You can add some fruit juice to taste if you like.

    Dinner: Fish or organic farm chicken (cooked in lemon, olive oil and garlic sauce) with fresh ginger or fresh herbs (choice of: Dill, oregano, basil, rosmary) and steamed cruciferous vegetables (choice of: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage)

    Snacks(between meals): Apple Compote (or sugar free Stewed Apples), fruits, Rice cakes dipped in olive oil.

    Also use a good liver tonic to speed the process up like: Swedish Bitters (a world renown natura

    • ANSWER:

      This sounds much easier to do, and less expensive too, only about a day.

      This is a demo video to watch for the eczema cure as seen in Japan. It is not used in Hospitals all over the world yet – but as more people get this water then they will all see that Eczema is curable.

      You can try to get free alkaline water - place a wanted add on Place a add to ask for 8.5 PH drinking water, and hope that the person can also make 2.5 PH water. Drinking the alkaline water will help, even if you can not spray the 2.5 PH water on your skin and hair.

      I have been helping a friend get rid of his psoriasis’ on his skin, it covers about 2 square feet of his arms and hands.

      He has been spraying on 2.5 PH water for about a month now, and it is working. He is also drinking 9.5 PH water. His wife has MS, and is also drinking the 9.5 PH alkaline water, and is doing much better.

      Good Luck!

    Does his aspergers syndrome make him so paranoid? Need some help?
    Here is a list of the things he's paranoid about:

    *Supermarkets. His opinion is that it's all "Mass media produced crap" He said the air in the supermarket is so filled with chemicals that it burns his throat. He says 'everything' in the supermarket is unhealthy, even the fruit and vegetables. Apparently they're not 'organic' enough.

    * Watching TV: He says the adds on TV pollute our minds, and the TV shows are never based on reality. Even the ones that claim to be. He says all the acting is terrible, and when I watch TV, he mutes the adds, and takes me out of the room. In order to avoid the "Mass media produced items on TV".

    *Using chemicals: This would include - Makeup, hair products, cleaning products, face products, bath products, candles (unless organic), incense (unless organic), creams/lotions, things to help muscular pain, any kind of healing creams, and anything else with any ingredients that aren't 'all natural'.

    *Having any chemicals in the house: According to him, because I have face cream, makeup, and nail polish in my room, the air is polluted. He also says the laundry is polluted, and the kitchen. He is against washing dishes, or clothes. He says it's unhealthy, and not natural. Apparently he is still searching for all natural cleaning things. He says 90% of the natural cleaning products are fakes.

    *Spending time with people who use chemicals: He only talks to people who are 'totally' natural. The only people I've met who are 'totally' natural, would be his parents. His mother doesn't shower, and has never cleaned. Her house made me vomit.

    *Showering: He says It's 'un natural' to shower more than once a week. He only showers when he really 'needs' to, because of the 'chemicals' in the water. He makes exceptions for rivers though.

    *Not exercising enough: His ambition is to exercise 7 hours a day, non stop. He's obsessed with it, and never stops.

    *Dust particles in the air: He says my house has dust particles which clog up his throat. He complains about it continuously.

    *Hair particles in the air: He says it's from my dog, and her hair goes in his throat.

    *Any kind of vehicle: He only walks, or rides his push bike.

    *Getting a job: He is against it, and never wants to work. He says it's unhealthy. He doesn't want to be like other people.

    *Getting educated: He is also against this. He says the education system is 'stupid' and corrupted. He has never studied for anything.

    There are other small things, like not liking it when I do anything with my appearance. To paint a picture of him, he's a fairly short, thin man. Has an arabic/indian like appearance. Scurries like a mouse when he walks, sways his arm when he walks, and looks like he's gay. He has a big over sized back pack, that most likely weighs more than him. He also carries several other bags, and wears dorky plastic shoes, high waisted shorts, and often strange looking tops. He is also often seen wearing big strange hats. He spends him time collecting rubbish, hunting for garage sales, plucking hairs from his legs, being 'healthy', and looking for money on the streets. He likes to live the 'alternative' lifestyle. In his back pack he has everything from a first aid kit, to a swag.

    Do my question is, why is he so paranoid?
    Is it because of his aspergers?
    *SO my question is.

    • ANSWER:
      It's not Aspergers Syndrom, Aspergers is a slight form of "retardation" in other words slow, and clumsey. He is a tree hugging, lazy a** Liberal, who thinks he is going to save the world, and is too good to get a job, it sounds like he's been spoiled all of his life and needs a wake up call to what life is really about.
      If this guy is your boyfriend, dump him!! He's not going to get any better. Do you like being around someone so difficult to please? I would get away ASAP.

    Can anyone answer this..?
    Your Resolved Question: Does his aspergers syndrome make him so paranoid? Need some help?

    Here is a list of the things he's paranoid about:

    *Supermarkets. His opinion is that it's all "Mass media produced crap" He said the air in the supermarket is so filled with chemicals that it burns his throat. He says 'everything' in the supermarket is unhealthy, even the fruit and vegetables. Apparently they're not 'organic' enough.

    * Watching TV: He says the adds on TV pollute our minds, and the TV shows are never based on reality. Even the ones that claim to be. He says all the acting is terrible, and when I watch TV, he mutes the adds, and takes me out of the room. In order to avoid the "Mass media produced items on TV".

    *Using chemicals: This would include - Makeup, hair products, cleaning products, face products, bath products, candles (unless organic), incense (unless organic), creams/lotions, things to help muscular pain, any kind of healing creams, and anything else with any ingredients that aren't 'all natural'.

    *Having any chemicals in the house: According to him, because I have face cream, makeup, and nail polish in my room, the air is polluted. He also says the laundry is polluted, and the kitchen. He is against washing dishes, or clothes. He says it's unhealthy, and not natural. Apparently he is still searching for all natural cleaning things. He says 90% of the natural cleaning products are fakes.

    *Spending time with people who use chemicals: He only talks to people who are 'totally' natural. The only people I've met who are 'totally' natural, would be his parents. His mother doesn't shower, and has never cleaned. Her house made me vomit.

    *Showering: He says It's 'un natural' to shower more than once a week. He only showers when he really 'needs' to, because of the 'chemicals' in the water. He makes exceptions for rivers though.

    *Not exercising enough: His ambition is to exercise 7 hours a day, non stop. He's obsessed with it, and never stops.

    *Dust part

    • ANSWER:
      His rigidity is due to Aspergers. OCD behavior like that is common with Aspergers. He needs a psychologist who specializes in Aspergers.

    Bad eczema mostly on my legs.?
    I have had eczema all my life but mostly just on the insides of my arms and behind my knees. Recently it has gotten much better on those areas but has started to pretty much be from my waist down. It's not bad all the time, but when it is it is awful. The dr has prescribed steroid cream for me and that helps somewhat. I don't really like to use that though and would like a natural approach to healing this affliction. I find it very odd that the majority of the eczema is on my legs. I have switched to a dye and scent free laundry detergent and it hasn't helped. Plus if that was causing the problem wouldn't i have the rash everywhere my clothes touch? I am wondering if there is a possibility that I have an allergy to dust mites. Since the weather is hotter I have been sleeping with shorts on... therefore my legs are bare against my sheets which I know must harbor the mites. Does anyone think this is a possibility or have any other suggestions for me? The itching drives me crazy!

    • ANSWER:
      If you were allergic to dust mites you would have it on yur arms as well as your legs.

      100% cotton clothes is best for eczema and a cool bath or cool cloth applied to the break out areas, several times a day, along with the medication your doctor prescribed.

    Experiences with medicines for warts?
    When I was little I had warts, but now 15 years later within a few months I have had a massive breakout, 9 warts on my hands and breakout in my genitalia area, I am a naturally clean person I'm not sure how I got them, but I just recently ordered a medicine called Viralfree to help build my immune system and I purchased the terrasil max cream for a topical use. I wanted to know other peoples experiences with these medicines I have tried the all natural oils called Healing warts and it has like 5 ingredients burns like hell and doesnt work like it says it should.

    • ANSWER:
      As far as genital warts are concerned, Aldara is the cream of choice. It is available by prescription only and is rather pricey if you don't have insurance, but it is worth the money.

    Our dog has a Hot Spot Please help!?
    I took our two dogs to get a bath today at our local dog wash, have washed them both there before. However our newest dog who is an older rescue dog suddenly hours later developed a hot spot. I know it's a hot spot because I called our emergency vet clinic and described it ( that the skin is raw and bright red and worn away and bleeding some areas and has stained his skin), which she explained was a hotspot.

    What can I do aside from going to the vet to correct this. We have put dog skin itch releif on the area which we normally put on his paws as he constantly bites at them from allergies, then wrapped it up so that he wouldn't continue bitting it for the rest of tonight. Is there anything else I can do? I'm afraid that having it wrapped will not allow it to heal properly but we need a way of preventing him from biting it. Can we buy an Elizabethan collar from our vet and is there something better we should be putting on it then an itch releif ( the cream is all natural products, safe if he ingest made by a local dog owner and sold at one of our local pet stores ( works for his paws)).


    • ANSWER:
      My old yorkie had the same problem. We used Dandruff Shampoo. And it worked.

    How Do You Lighten Dark Spots on Your Face (Acne Scars)?
    Healing from a bad faze of acne, and I want these scars gone. The bleaching creams my derm gave me are'nt any good and I perfer more natural rememdies.
    Would love to hear what helped some of you all!

    • ANSWER:
      I mix a vitamin A capsule and a Vitamin e capsule together and before I go to bed I rub a light layer deep into my skin after my regimen....the oils will take the place of the moisturizer however. Don't use too much, this is an oil...but it works because the washing and exfoiliating takes away your skins natural producing oils and your replacing it with these healing oils! It worked for me and my mother.

      I believe natural is better too, all those chemicals in bleaching creams damage your skin and enlarge pores. GOD Bless and Good Luck

    Starting monistat 7-day cream treatment- can I wear undies w/a pantiliner to bed or is it better to let it be?
    I am 19 and just had my first annual GYN appointment.. and my doctor said it looks like I have a yeast infection cuz it hurt when she did the swab even though there was no dryness or anything, and because she said it looked a little irritated down there and whitish around the vaginal opening.. even though I have no symptoms. Only noticed the irritation when she did the swab.. so it was good that I went because I can fix it now before any bothersome symptoms appear. Caught it early.

    So I got a 7 day monistat treatment from wal mart like she said to do, and it says to use it before bedtime for a week...
    So things are more slippery down there with the cream and I'm wondering can I go to bed wearing panties and a pantiliner, or is it healthier for me to not wear panties to bed this week?
    for some reason I'm just used to the feeling of wearing them and am more comfortable with undies to sleep and don't have any long garments that will cover things up..
    but I want to do what's best for the situation to heal and stuff so I won't have to deal with problems- I can just lock my door when I sleep and go all natural I'm just wondering if I should or if it doesn't matter?

    • ANSWER:
      If possible where a pad. It gets nasty as it heats up with your body temperature. The more protection the better.

    Can you cut out your own skin cancer?
    I have a spot on my left arm that looks like cancer. It's about half the size of a dime. I was using some natural herbal medice to take it away similar to aldara cream. Aldara cream could damage your imune system. Anyways, tonight I gat the razer blade out and cut it out. It looks like I got it all. Are there roots that will keep on growing or maybe it will heal fine. Any comments???

    • ANSWER:
      Well the problem is that cancer can have 'roots' or tentacles (when biopsied a cancerous tumor resembled a 'crab' hence the name 'cancer') so it isn't a 'simple matter' of cutting out the tumor. The difficulty is extracting the 'root system' . . also if the tumor has grown large enough it undergoes a 'change' and has the ability to replicate by sending out 'seeding' into the body through the blood or lymphatic system. The ability of a tumor to become metastatic (send cancer cells into body) is what makes cancer deadly. Those new metastatic cells can go anywhere in the body, lay dormant and undetected until at some point they begin to grow again and the whole process starts all over. The more cancer cells that are released the more change the mets will grow, eventually if left untreated the disease will grow cancer all through the body . . indefintely.

      So . . if you are very lucky . . what you cut out may not even have been cancer, but just a nasty looking mole or benign growth of some kind . .no one really knows. You could go to a doctor for an examination, but unless there is tissue to biopsy or examine than he won't find anything. You may need to play the waiting game . . if the spot on your arm grows back or appears in another location than you may have metastatic cancer that will pop up any place on or inside the body. Just too many unknown factors right now . . you will probably just need to wait this out . . if nothing happens it was probably benign (not cancerous) . .hopefully for you nothing further will happen.

    need to treat raw skin from yeast infection?
    i just got over a HORRIBLE yeast infection. I had tried all sorts of creams and pills to get rid of it. I finally got rid of it the natural way via yougurt on a tampon. I have no yeast infection anymore (no burning, itching, swelling, or redness) the only thing is that the inside of my vaginal walls especially right near the opening are VERY raw and sore. this is because i had sex 2 times during my yeast infection. I understand that my yeast infection is gone. I only had sex before this treatment. But i know that my opening is still sore because it hurts when i insert the tampon. i need to get rid of this for valentines day. i have read forums about this from other women and they said that it takes at least a month of no sex to let the skin heal. but i need to valentines day. i did not spend 60 dollars at victorias secret for nothing. i dont want to ask my doctor how i can treat it cuz shes just gonna give me a medicinal cream and i know they dont work. i need a natural remedy to heal this skin. maybe unscented lotion? but you always have to be careful about what you stick up there. thats why im asking on here. anyone know what will help the skin heal that is safe to stick up there and is natural? you will be my lifesaver

    • ANSWER:
      Do not use lotion down there. It will mess up your PH balance down there. heal the skin you could use some monistat cream. Don't put it inside you, but on the outside. That really takes care to heal skin and soothe symptoms such as raw skin and irritation.

      Also...there's something called VaginexII that's anti-itch cream. But its VERY soothing. And might help with your rawness and irritation.

      I don't really understand why you HAVE to have sex on valentine's day. But i mean, for your own sake you really shouldn't. It can actually irritate it down there some more and you actually get another yeast infection. A lot of woman talk about that happening and then you have to go through it all over again.
      But good luck.

    grape seed extract and thrush?
    In a previous question about thrush in my daughters mouth i was told to use grape seed extract to treat my self since i brestfeed her! Where do i get grape seed extract is it a liquid or a cream? what are other ways other then prescribed Dr. medications to treat thrush in my self and my daughter.

    they gave my daughter Nystatin which i am suppose to put in her mouth 4 x a day i been using it a week an no change in her thrush. it actualy looks worse then when i first notticed it. I am tottally all for over the counter and natural home remedys for healing.

    if you have a idea or a method you have used i would love to hear it please go into detail for me! many times a long to use product....ect.....

    thank you for you help !
    i forgot to add that my daughter is 8 months old !

    • ANSWER:
      I have had the same problem and took my daughter (then 1 month) into the doctor. They used Gentian Violet on her mouth and prescribed the nystatin for me (I breastfeed too). Well she got rid of it but I didnt. So I went online. I read if you use the gentian violet on their mouth and then rub some around your nipples it would get rid of it. IT WORKED!!

      What you do is you take a LITTLE bit on a cotton swab. You rub it on the inside of the babys mouth so you coat the whole thing.. top of mouth, tongue, inside cheeks, etc. You will know if you miss a spot since it is purple and you can totally see it. Now... a warning... It will stain her mouth purple for a couple days and if she drools then it will get on clothing and could stain. Then I took the cotton swab and put some more on it and rubbed my nipples with it... same warning here. It dries fast though. It worked almost immediately. If you need to repeat the treatment then you can every few days but I didnt need to and my babys was BAD!

      You can buy the stuff over the counter at Walmart but you have to ask the pharmacist. They have it behing the counter because it is a tiny bottle... but a little goes a long way. With this you only have to use it once unless it doesnt go away right away and then repeat the treatment on your baby and you in 3 days. Trust me IT WORKS!!!

      Oh... and it is CHEAP.. only runs .78 for a 1 oz. bottle. The doctor told me about it and when searching for it I spoke with numerous pharmacists and nurses and they all said "yes, that will work" so GOOD LUCK!!!!

    Dull complexion at age 20?
    I smoked for a couple years a while back completely oblivious at the effect it was having on my skin specifically my face. Quit smoking and drank a lot of green tea ( I work for a green tea co, so easily 8-10 cups a day) the caffine in the tea ended up making me break out really bad, again, completely oblivious that it was the tea I thought it was stress or sugar. Finally figured it out and switched to caffine free... (Insult to injury, I first was worried about my lifeless skin, then moderate acne, now acne scars!) when acne cleared I went to the dermatologist and got a chemical peel to even the skin tone. Which helped a lot with skin tone and scaring, but I still feel that I'm quite pale... I exfoliate with a vitamin c scrub once a week, use a natural pomegrant softening toner, eye cream for my always tired looking eyes, and a vitamin c moisturzer with spf 30. I don't tan cuz I know how bad it is for skin and I feel like I'm basically doing everything right .. my sleeping schedule is pretty bad but I still get 7-8 hours of sleep and I eat healthy when I can ( not my choice my mom buys all the groceries so I don't have my pick of fresh veggies and fish) stopped taking hair skin and nail vitamins cuz I felt they weren't doing much. BTW, my skin tone is a really nice olive. I'm black Korean and white so its more of a tan light skinned black girl thing going on. My skin on the face just looks dull and lifeless no matter what I do and I know its from smoking, but I've been told that the skin has really amazing healing abilities, especially since I'm young. I plan on exersizing some more but I'm a pretty fit person as well. Sorry about the rant but I'm pretty confused as to what else I need to do here. Oh and its been like 7-8 months since I quit smoking.

    • ANSWER:
      Have you tried massaging your skin with vitamin E before going to bed? That's the only other thing I can think of. Did the dermatologist not have any suggestions for that? I would think they would have something. Try the vitamin E. If you have trouble finding the oil, which you shouldn't, just get the capsules and pup them open and squeeze the oil out and massage it into your face. It's good for the skin. Hope it helps, good luck!

    Help! I just got a wax " down there " it looks like I shaved...bumps and all :( ?
    Okay I use to shave before like the sides of my vajayjay so I wouldn't have any hair sticking out of my bikini bottoms. But afterwards I would get these horrible bumps and intense itching so I just stopped. It was the worse I felt like I had fleas or something so I just let it grow out and would trim the bush. Now summer is coming again and I decided to get a wax and they took off everything---nice. The problem I have now is that the pores on my vajayjay look so huge when I stretch the skin. It's like you can see the old bumps from before how do I get rid of these? I haven't had sex yet but I am thinking about it. What does a pretty vajayjay even look like? Is it normal for the lips to be big? How do I make the skin down there smooth and pretty. Besides cleaning with a mild soap what kind of maintenance should I do to maintain a pretty vajayjay. Are there special creams for this? I'm a natural and organic type of person. I like using everyday stuff like in my house to heal different sicknesses I have. I know this might sound like a dumb question but I don't know anything besides what they teach us in school about my privates.
    Yeah I got a brazilian wax( all pubic hair including the backdoor ) for sensitive skin.
    Well I'm not going to stay completely bald eagle because now I look like I'm 8, but I took it all off because I wanted the hair to grow back softer since I shave it was coarse. Next wax I'm going to ask for a design but for the other areas I would like for them to look smooth and pore-less(?), bumpy. I don't want it to look like ground beef.

    • ANSWER:
      Every girl questions whether their vagina is "normal" or "good looking". Well, everyones is different. Rest assured that you are normal and beautiful. Thats the beauty of being a female - we are all perfect looking :) Below are a few links, I hope you're not really young because they are for reference. Sometimes seeing what another person looks like helps you feel "normal". But sweetie I promise - You ARE normal. Embrace yourself and love yourself :)

      And DO NOT listen to the poster who said your silly if you don't know. Watching porn movies is NOT going to do anything for you.

    Were you ever told that you should be charged with child abuse for circumcising your sons?
    I have two boys & one girl. My boys are 7 & 6, and my daughter is 4. I was told by someone at an FRG meeting last night that I should be charged with child abuse, because we chose to circumcise our boys. How the conversation came up is one of the ladies who is apart of the FRG is pregnant with boy/girl twins. She asked another mom with a newborn boy about circumcision & how long it took to heal up. The other man answered about a week, and then I told her about my experiences with both of my boys. Same circumcision method was used, same diaper cream, same amount of healing time. This was a collective decision, and yes we did weigh the options. Ultimately my husband wanted it done, because he knew what was best for our sons. My husband was circumcised as an adult, and he didn't want our boys to go through what he did.

    I was absolutely appalled by this woman's hateful attitude. The woman in the FRG is well known for her 'natural' parenting styles. IE: Co-sleeping, breast feeding, cloth diapering etc. I don't fault her for her choices, but she likes to sling mud at anyone who doesn't agree with her. I didn't co-sleep, but all of my chidlren slept in my room until they were 12 months old, all of them were 100% breast fed, and I used cloth diapers. But I have never had anyone sling a nasty comment at me like that, and tell me I should be jailed for child abuse! I told the other woman to keep her nasty mouth off of me. We did what we felt was right for our sons.

    I would like to knwo what you all have to say about that nasty ***** and her opinions. Please keep your answers respectful, thanks a lot.
    Both of our boys were circumcised when they were newborns.

    • ANSWER:
      My boys aren't circumcised, but I would never judge someone for doing it. I think circumcision is very personal choice that should be made by the parents after they have thoroughly discussed it, done the research, and weighed all the options.
      We chose not to because there is no religious reason for it anymore, its not really a health concern (problems can arise, but its not likely), and my husband isn't circumcised, so I didn't see why we should make our boys look different. And, circumcision is about a 50/50 thing anymore so we wouldn't have to worry about them getting teased if they changed clothes in the locker room at school or something.
      But if you choose to circumcise, that is up to you and your husband and no one has the right to judge.
      By the way, I sort of co sleep, breastfeed, and use disposable diapers (simply because I'm not sure I can handle the gross factor of cloth; I'm having enough issues with potty training, ha ha).
      PS. I haven't bothered to get involved with our FRG. All I hear about them is drama, drama, and more drama. That's not something I need. As a military spouse, I have enough to deal witih already.

    The best deal for Hemorrhoid Cure?
    I have searched all over the internet for the absolute best offer.
    So far the best I found was at
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    • ANSWER:
      I used "Anusol Suppositories"
      They helped me really well!

    How can I cure my cracked, splitting feet during the summer?
    During July my feet begin to peel. Then, in August, they start cracking and splitting, causing me to walk on the side of my foot that doesn't have these cracks. Then, in late August, I am forced to stay inside, crawling around on my hands and feet to avoid the unbearable pain of pressure on my feet. Last year I was going through all different types of foot creams and powders: Nivea, Bath and Body Works, Arm and Hammer, Aloe-filled lotions, and finally a Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream. The Burt's Bees seemingly worked well with it's thick texture, all-natural look, and alluring smell. Also, after using it every night during mid-August and late-August I noticed daily differences in my foot's appearance and was soon able to stop crawling, just in time for September. This year, I began using the cream nightly before putting on cotton socks and going to bed in mid-July, when my feet began to peel. However, now I have to put pressure on different parts of my foot, just like last year. I forgot that my feet were healing themselves last summer, when I thought the cream improved it! My feet always sure up before school starts. I am sure that the cream is helping, but I don't want to be trapped indoors like last year! What can I do?

    I am thirteen years old, all of the websites I have looked at (the first 5 pages of Google when you search "cracked feet") talk about it happening in old age. But I am just 13 and this has been happening since I was 8! It is getting worse and worse year after year... Please help! It is torturous :(

    • ANSWER:

    How can I cure my cracked, peeling, splitting feet during the summer?
    During July my feet begin to peel. Then, in August, they start cracking and splitting, causing me to walk on the side of my foot that doesn't have these cracks. Then, in late August, I am forced to stay inside, crawling around on my hands and feet to avoid the unbearable pain of pressure on my feet. Last year I was going through all different types of foot creams and powders: Nivea, Bath and Body Works, Arm and Hammer, Aloe-filled lotions, and finally a Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream. The Burt's Bees seemingly worked well with it's thick texture, all-natural look, and alluring smell. Also, after using it every night during mid-August and late-August I noticed daily differences in my foot's appearance and was soon able to stop crawling, just in time for September. This year, I began using the cream nightly before putting on cotton socks and going to bed in mid-July, when my feet began to peel. However, now I have to put pressure on different parts of my foot, just like last year. I forgot that my feet were healing themselves last summer, when I thought the cream improved it! My feet always sure up before school starts. I am sure that the cream is helping, but I don't want to be trapped indoors like last year! What can I do?

    I am thirteen years old, all of the websites I have looked at (the first 5 pages of Google when you search "cracked feet") talk about it happening in old age. But I am just 13 and this has been happening since I was 8! It is getting worse and worse year after year... Please help! It is torturous :(

    • ANSWER:
      This could be a sign of diabetes, you should be checked! In the mean time, soak your feet in water twice a day if you can. I used to do that while sitting at the computer or watching TV. Then take oil or lotion and apply it generously to your feet and wrap with socks or plastic wrap to sleep in. Clean it off in the morning.

    wondering if anyone knows how to heal a swollen face?
    i had an allergic reaction to a cream i was using it began as a minor rash than it spread all over my face than it started blistering and when i woke up i dried up my face my skin has not healed its broken and that part has a bloody redish and brown look to it does any body know of natural remedy that can cure it besides aloe vera i am thinking mixing mud with water but don not want to risk making it worse

    • ANSWER:

    Sandfly bite Reactions! HELP PLEASE?
    In grade 5 I developed school sores (or Impetigo) from sandfly infections which was really severe.
    Im in grade 12 and its never that bad anymore, but I got bitten all over my legs about 2 weeks ago and they havent got any better. They have scabbed and they leak crap. I havent been bitten by sandflies in a long while, normally just by mozzies (which arent that bad)

    I havent been covering the bites up, so they can breathe
    Ive been getting sun on them so they can naturally dry up
    I use tea tree oil on them every now and then
    I use to use a chinese herbal cream which worked GREAT! but I dont hav it anymore..

    Just wondering if anyone knows any remedies for allergies to any type of itchy bites
    Im a real herbal naturalist when it comes to healing and medication so it would
    be cool if theres any other natural solutions or products that you know of??

    thankyou so much for reading this :~)

    • ANSWER:

    Is it bad to put makeup on a cold sore?
    I got a cold sore on my lip a little over a week ago. Since then, it's sort of spread down under my lip, just above my chin. It's in the crusty phase, so the area under my lip is all reddish yellow and crusty. I've been putting this cold sore cream that I got from the health food store (I think it's all natural) on it, and it seems to be helping a bit, but this thing is really unsightly and makes me look diseased. Would it be a really stupid decision to put a little bit of coverup on it? It wouldn't help with the crustiness of course but it would at least even the color out. If not, is there anything else I can do to speed the healing process? I leave for college tomorrow and I don't want my first impression to be that girl with the nasty thing around her lip

    • ANSWER:

    For Girls: Is it true...............?
    that the natural smell of a male body is far more sexually potent than the deodorant he uses to mask it?

    DID YOU know that the odour of your man's body is probably what makes you want to touch him? You may scoff at the idea, especially since there is such a plethora of products to disguise this- deodorants, body washes and creams. But the reality is that the natural, unscented smell of a male body and sweat is far more sexually potent than the Axe spray he applies to mask it!

    According to a study by the UK-based Social Issues Research Centre, females often get attracted to the scent of male sweat. Our bodies release certain chemical substances, called pheromones that are sensed through the nose and trigger sexual urges in prospective partners. These are secreted by sweat glands largely present in underarms, nipples, genitals, and outer ears."

    Body odour often influences a partner's sexual behaviour and women are more receptive to it," says Dr ( Col) V K Wadia, consultant, psychosexual medicine. " During a sexual intercourse, specific odours are secreted by men and it's a woman's perception how she gets influenced by them," he adds.

    Not only is body odour significant in sexual behaviour, it plays a decisive role in mate choice as well. "Men and women tend to prefer the odour of individuals who are genetically dissimilar to them," says Dr Anoop Misra, director, department of diabetes and metabolic diseases, Fortis Hospital.

    This reduces the chances of inbreeding and renders offspring more resistant to diseases and infections. However, odour preferences can vary according to hormonal changes. "Studies say that women often prefer the odour of men with good parenting skills in the 'fertile period' or the postmenstrual phase," says Dr Misra.

    ON THE other hand, men find women more attractive during ovulation. This is mainly due to the specific odour of women in that period. It has also been found that women who are emotionally bonded with their partners perceive the odour of other men less pleasant.

    So, what makes our odour so specific? Usually when we perspire, sweat reacts with bacteria present on our skin. This releases some chemicals, hence causing body odour. But it's not just an outcome of sweat. "All of us have a signature odour. This uniqueness is marked by genetics, diet, age, gender, hormones, and environmental factors," says Dr Sushila Kataria, senior consultant, internal medicine, Medanta - The Medicity.

    This explains why babies smell different from adults, and how odour changes with the onset of puberty. This also explains why some of us have specific unpleasant odours. Bad breath or strong sweat can be a sign of underlying physical problems. "Patients with diabetic ketoacidosis can have a fruity odour in their breath and skin," says Dr Misra.

    Diabetic ketoacidosis is a condition of excessively high blood sugar level that leads to formation of chemical substances called ketone bodies. Their presence causes the typical smell. The best way to prevent is to keep one's blood sugar levels in control.

    "In case of chronic kidney problem, or dysfunctional kidneys, the patient's body odour may resemble that of ammonia. This is because such patients retain more wastes or urea in the blood, that spreads to skin and evaporates with sweat," says Prof ( Dr) S C Tiwari, director, nephrology, Fortis Group of Hospitals.

    Moreover, a musty odour in hair, breath or skin could be a sign of a genetic disorder called phenylketonuria (PKU). Left untreated in early childhood, it could lead to mental retardation or brain damage later. "Similarly, bad breath could be a symptom of non-healing ulcers in the throat, lungs or respiratory tract," points out Manoj K Goel, director, pulmonology, Delhi Heart and Lung Institute. Bad breath could also be sign of bacterial pneumonia and chronic bronchitis.

    "Cough accompanied by foul smell may be a symptom of lung abscess. Such infections pose immense risks as these could result in cancer if left unattended," he cautions.

    • ANSWER:
      I get aroused by the smell of a really good cologne!

    Is my tattoo itchy because I used to have scabies?
    basically you should know or have had scabies if your answering this one, as people who haven't dealt with it are pretty clueless about how serious and bothersome a situation it can be. (Scabies is an infestation of microscopic bugs that lay eggs in the outer layers of human skin, really gross and something I caught from my asshole brother, that will probly continue to make me feel dirty for the rest of my natural life) I've treated the scabies and have been pretty sure but not positive about the condition being totally gone. The medicated cream I used made my skin feel very papery and easily broken/irritated, thus I've been hesitant to use it again.
    I got one tattoo about three months ago, another about one month again, and another about three and a half weeks ago. The itchiness is on and off but persistantly comes back multiple times a day, occasionally on more than one tattoo at a time, but usually just in one area and then the next. The tattoos are in totally different locations (one on right wrist, one on inner left forearm and one on right ribcage), and as well, there are black, red/yellow/orange/aqua blue/ brown and pink areas, between all of them, but color seems to have nothing to do with the itchiness.
    I'm also obsessive/compulsive about scratching, so it's absorbing literally ALL of my focus, to just keep myself from tearing off the skin.
    Someone have any ideas, please??

    I've also been using a product for tattoo healing called H2Ocean, which seems to do good stuff... other lotion hasnt soothed the itching.

    • ANSWER:
      I work with a few people who have had scabies at an assisted living center and they seem to have more skin sensitivity to chemicals, metal, the sun etc. It could be due to having used the cream fairly recently (ie within last 5 months) as they found it also made their skin drier etc. Also some people are sensitive to the ink in tattoos so that may be what you are reacting to. If you had scabies reinfestation it wouldn't just be on those spots of the tattoos so that seems unlikely but it does sound like you may have a little contact dermatitis.


    How can I naturally get rid of this severe knee pain?
    I really need help with this. I've tried everything from heating pads, ice, rubbing creams, gels, pain medicine, to natural remedies. This all started when I had to have a cast on my foot due to surgery from having a staph infection and I am in a casting process where I go to the doctor to put on a cast every 10 days to heal the wound on my foot that was the site of the infection. I have had these casts for a while now but when I went to the doctor 2 days ago I got my cast and came home and noticed that my knee started hurting but I didn't think much of it, I considered that maybe my knee was just being strained from the weight of the cast, this had happened before. I waited it out but noticed that night that it got severe to the point where it kept me up so I had to take a pain pill prescribed from my doctor and it sort of eased me down and I fell asleep, today it has been throbbing and is now a complete 10 in severity. I've never had this happen. Can anyone help me please? Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Weird. It sounds like it sorta freaked out on you because of the case, and the over compensating it had to do. Try some gentle stretching but DO NOT overstretch- that just makes things worse. Or wrap it, but not too tight. Oh and as icing which you already tried, maybe try it again with your knee elevated above your heart to help the swelling go down.

      Get better!!

    Bleeding Nipple Help?
    hey, i was was just doing my morning pumping just now and it hurt initally as usual and then it becomes okey.. i was so much in sleep i dint realize that my left nipple was bleeding... and the bottle had blodd mixed with milk.. i stopped there and then,, showed it to my husband, he is furious.. he thinks i pump a lot and all this pain and now this bleeding does not make any sense.. he just took away the pump...

    My question is first of all how should i treet this bleeding niple and should i continue to pump right now or just wait till i heal the nipple... I explusively pump and then supplement with formula...

    I regularly use the Nipple Nurture Butter from Bella B (it is all natural). Do you think i should buy lansinoh cream ?
    have seen an LC, she could nothelp me latch on.. i have many issues. first a very low milk supple, which ihave built up a little with a lot of effort. I 'm jsut miserable today, as this bleeding nipple might just result in low milk supple again. I know you can feed the bloody milk.. but i have the bottle in front of me now, it is all blood with little milk. Dont think i should feed him that ???

    • ANSWER:
      First of all, your husband has no right to be taking your pump away... how old are you 3? And he thinks bleeding nipples is bad, wait till he sees you engorged or with a breast infection because you aren't pumping frequently enough!

      Second, yes, lansinoh cream is the best, and it's what most doctors recommend, I would buy some of that (I can't compare the two because I've never used Nipple Nurture Butter)

      And finally, exclusively pumpuing and mixing with formula is A LOT of work for you (you are spending double the time to feed your baby, time to pump, then time to feed her the bottle, not to mention warming and mixing formula and washing bottles). It's nearly impossible to keep up with... you will end up with supply problems and solely formula feeding.

      The pump obviously is very hard on your nipples and not as efficient at getting milk out as a baby would be. I would recommend calling your hospital and speaking with a lactation consultant or contacting your local La Leche League for help with getting your baby to eat directly from the breast. If she is latched on correctly, that should solve all your problems from sore nipples to having to supplement, etc.

      So I guess in a way, your husband was right about the pump, but before quitting pumping, you need to work on getting your baby to eat from the breast. Until then, use lots of lansinoh and the bleeding is ok, but just know it's not normal and doesn't have to be so difficult.

      Really work on getting baby to eat from the breast...Just makes things a lot easier....

      Good luck!

    Ankle injury- 8 months ago?
    I had an ankle injury seven to eight months ago. All I know is that I stepped the wrong way and found myself on the floor crying out in pain. My brother said he saw my ankle suddenly snap inward. We didn't go to the hospital and just went with natural medicine (foreign- Cofal fuerte, bengay, a spanish cream and a herb mixture from my grandmother) . I was able to walk (with a heavy limp) after 2 weeks and even now I can walk for long periods of time (sometimes w/ a, limp sometimes w/o). But there are days where it hurts to much to even walk. Did it heal the wrong way?

    • ANSWER:
      You should definitely see an orthopaedic surgeon for x-rays. An injury such as that should be healed completely in 8 months. It may have been fractured, and the bone never set properly.

    HELP i have a really bad case of eczema how can i heal it?
    i have had eczema since i was like 2 and the doctors didn't tell us cause they didn't know what i had until i was like 5 and i find it really hard not to scratch i have used a lot of like creams like bactorban and a few others, i use bio oil which works pretty good to reduce the lumps on my legs but i have to do it like every day i use a lotion glaxco base cream which is like a moisterizer and i am know trying noxeczema cream which sometimes helps to clear marks. i use like reactine, clariton, aries to try and stop the itchyness but it doesn't really help i usually scratch at night time. i went to a specialist and they did a huge allergy testing thing like i had to get 70 pricks in my arm and not one of them came up with anything i am allergic to my mom and doctor is pretty sure that i have allergys to green, red, and yellow dyes, lots of sugar natural or unnatural but almost everything i eat has something i am allergic to i am only 15 and i usually have to wear pants and sweaters like all year long unless my skin heals for like a week i really would like to be able to wear summer cloths and get this healed i need help im only 15 does anyone have any advice

    • ANSWER:

    My German Shepard had a hot spot under his neck the vet game me?
    antibiotics antihistamine pills and some sort of steroid well that heal but he keeps continuing to itch all over he does not have flees and I have not changed his food or detergent for his bedding etc. All the Doctor tells me is that its allergies!!! In the meantime, the poor dog is panting and I have it very cool in the house and is just a nervous wreck and he is scratching at his face and about to chew his tail off. I called the vet and he told me to give my dog a higher dose of the itching medicine. Does anyone no what it can be? the itching is driving him nuts and the pacing of the floors. any suggestions what I can do for the poor dog? I have neursporin cream on the spots but he keeps licking it off. Any natural remedies? Anything you think that may help thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I am sure the vet explained to you that the steroid shot could make your dog very hot and very restless and very thirsty (and of course needing to go to the bathroom that much more).

      So the panting and restlessness is typical from getting the steroid shot.

      When did he have the shot? It takes at least 24 hours to give some relief.

      I would not put the neosporin on if he keeps licking it off.
      Call your vet, they will have a topical spray that will help get rid of the itching.
      It is made by Virbac and it is called "Dermacool" that really helps.

    Does anyone want the most amazing hair??? Look at this?
    I have been using this stuff for a while now and it is amazing

    HAIR ONE CLEANING CONDITIONER it is found at sally's beauty supply store.

    here's what it is :
    * Sulfate Free
    * An all natural approach to hair care
    * No damaging detergents or harsh chemicals
    * Formulated with an elixir of natural herbs and oils
    * Cleans with an astringent and antibacterial properties

    Introducing Hair One ... a salon quality product that provides a new all natural approach to hair care and hair detox that leaves hair cleansed, conditioned and in optimum shape. This conditioner has no damaging detergents or harsh chemicals. It's made with an elixir of natural herbs and oils that clean with astringent and antibacterial properties through a luxurious, penetrating cream without the stripping of detergents. Hair is left with remarkable shine, moisture, manageability and polish. With continued use, Hair One Cleanser Conditioner will stimulate the scalp, promoting better blood circulation, allowing for healthier hair growth and prevention of hair loss. Available in four formulations. Normal Hair: Designed for normal problem free hair. Color Treated: Prevents premature fading of color. Dry, Damaged: Repairs damage from chemical treatments. Dry Scalp: Helps heal scalp damage while restoring suppleness and manageability.

    here is the website:,default,pd.html

    be sure to check out the videos and me...this product is AMAZING!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Thanx for the info
      It helped
      a lot

    HELP!!! Should I continue to use Aloe Vera on my face? I have Eczema :-/?
    Ok, this may be a bit along but I hope you can help!

    I was depending on hydrocortisone and I realised it has thinned my face, causing it sensitive to the sun. So 3 weeks ago I decided to stop the cream, and after a week lo and below, an eczema attack appeared on my right cheek, it was flaky, peeling, inflamed, itchy, red, but worst of all VERY PAINFUL.

    I know that if I give in to hydrocortisone again, the right cheek problem will definitely disappear BUT IT WILL SURELY RETURN AFTER 3-4 WEEKS. That's how stupid steroid cream works.

    So I totally went cold turkey for 10 days until recently someone advised me to try out using Aloe Vera, the real thing from plant. After five minutes using aloe vera and gently rubbing on the area, the itch and redness got reduced and the PAIN WENT OFF! I believe it has also reduced the inflammation. But the flaky, peeling thing is still there.

    And at the same day my aunt's friend heard about my case and gave me a bottle of enzymes that's made out of natural ingredients, it's actually a CURE for eczema. Yes, it is a cure, I'm not kidding. Because the friend has children who have eczema and she was pretty pissed off with those western medication, and dermatologist who kept prescribing steroid cream. So the friend went to the extreme by taking a trip down to another country to learn how to make enzymes from a homeotherapist. The friend has given many people the enzymes and those people all have eczema but after using one week of the enzymes, it cleared off their rash and never comes back.

    So I applied it on Wednesday's night and when I woke up yesterday morning, the flakiness and peeling have gone, but still left with 50% of the redness. My aunt told me to try both methods, using aloe vera in the morning till afternoon, and using the enzymes at night for one week and I'll be healed.

    But I'm intend of finishing the aloe vera, since I have a number at my house (don't feel like wasting it), and it helps to reduce the redness, and I believe that throughout one week of using it the redness will definitely be gone. Then next week start using back the enzymes.

    But the problem is, when I use back the aloe vera today, after the thing dried out on my face, the flakiness came back! I don't feel pain or itchy but it's just have the flaky and peeling thing. Do you think this is normal? Or do you think I should stop using the aloe vera and concentrate on using the enzymes only? My aunt told me that she trust her friend because her friend has cured many people who have eczema by giving them the enzymes.

    Don't come to me and tell me that there's no cure for eczema please, I have never buy in that crap, and I don't believe the phrase,

    "If I have eczema, I have to learn to live with it"

    WRONG, I always believe that I'll be able to defeat the symptoms and cure it.

    I have realised that doctors and dermatologist always say that is because they don't know how to cure, they only know how to keep giving you crap steroid cream and making the symptoms worse (side effects of steroid) so that you will come back for more, it's all aobut the MONEY.

    I really don't believe that the popular incurable diseases are incurable. Believing in incurables is unscientific, and believing in incurables is more like a fanatic religion. What is worse is believing in incurable diseases is a self fulfilling superstition.

    • ANSWER:
      hi there,
      I feel your pain, after having suffered from skin conditions that left my face scarred. I have however had great results with a concentrated and pure aloe vera supplement, taken orally instead of externally and it started seeing results after only a few days of using it.

      After a month or so my skin has cleared up drastically so I thought I should share my experiences! The aloe vera supplement I am using was actually developed to cure the eczema of the daughter of the developer and is now made available to a larger market after extensive testing. You might want to check it out, given you a direct link to where I found my information, good luck to you!

    Why do i enjoy scratching my skin? Eczema, itchy?
    i have chronic eczema and itch all the time.
    I am on the strongest steroid creams poss and anti histamines, and shower 2ce a day and apply emollients (moisturisers) 2ce a day .

    BUT i still itch and i have areas (mainly hands) of chapped skin but i ENJOY scratching so much so that i question if i make it worse so i can get that buzz i get after secreting.

    I often scratch till ive burst the skin that was trying to heal open and bleed.

    Its always just when a cut is about to heal over that it itches the most.

    Is it physiological or phchological or chemical or natural?

    How do i control it? If i dont scratch i cant concentrate till i do and when i put cream on itit itches more. :(
    i mean is it cause im a weak person and give in tp sensations?

    I feel guilty after hurting myself and when i hurt i get told i should scratch but i cant honestly help it .

    • ANSWER:
      i have chronic eczema too, i love the tingly feeling i get when i scratch it. basically our eczema will never go away and it will always itch. my motivation to stop scratching is to think about how much better my skin will look if i give it a chance to heal. our cases suck because it'll always itch, but at least it doesn't have to look all flaky and such. i also try to scratch an area that doesn't have eczema when it itches really bad so i still get that thrill.

    Womens problem - kind of personal!?
    I've been diagnosed with thrush, a week and a half ago, after a week of really bad discomfort/itching especially at night etc.

    I was prescribed pessaries and cream, the cream was great but ran out after a few days and i was unable to go and get more. Then i had to go for a smear test but the nurse said that she couldnt do it as the thrush was still there so she prescribed me more cream and one pill.

    The only thing is that I dont feel any symptoms on the inside, just the outside is SO itchy, its so red and inflamed and every now and of course scratching just seems to send me back to the beginning. I know I need to break the itch/scracth cycle but is there anything else I can do to help my skin heal? I have had a dermatitis rash on the inside of my upper thigh as well and im not sure if thats contributing to the itchiness, like maybe its a combination of thrush and dermatitis?
    Most of the redness and soreness is where the leg and vulva join, I guess my pants could be rubbing there too and irritating it.. but I REALLY dont wanna have to not wear any, especially if I have to apply cream 3 times a day!
    Hopefully if I apply this cream 3 times a day now (im going to make sure i dont run out this time) then it will help it go away but is there anything else i can do to help.. do warm salt baths do any good?

    I've had thrush before but never like this and it only really affected me on the inside and I just treated it with natural yoghurt, but this seems to be affecting my outer skin mostly. (It definitely was thrush as when i went back for my smear they said that the swab and examination confirmed thrush).

    I'm just in absolute misery and discomfort right now and just want it to go away and my skin to go back to normal! I'm also worried that if i dont stop scratching I could cause VIN, or lichen planus, or vulva disformation (i know i should not google all this as i always think the worst but im a big worrier!)

    Any help greatly appreciated,

    Thanks :)
    Thanks for your replies. Yeah - its horrible! Im using a similar thing to Vagisil and it does help but then I run out and if i cant get more for a while it tends to come back- the tube is tiny!!

    Reading all those tips made me realise i've probably been doing everything WRONG... I have been wearing tight clothing and jeans, and tights! they dont help one bit. i've also been ewating lots of sugary/carby foods as i've been training so im craving them more... i guess the exercise could play a part as well if im getting sweaty...

    Vinegar sounds painful but i'll give it a go! If I have scratched the skin is soo sore and sensitive though so maybe I should try that when its healed a little bit.

    Urgh times like this i wish i was a man!!

    • ANSWER:
      Have you tried over the counter medication like Vagisil? It's supposed to stop burning and itching and general discomfort. Though I'd ask your doctor to give you something stronger. Yeast is a hellish thing to have!

    Home Remedy For Open Sores On Dogs?
    I posted a question last night about my dogs problem.

    He had some sort of scab, and I've been cleaning it up all night. Called the few vets in town, they are all busy. He told me it didn't sound something so serious, so until tomorrow that I should treat her with an antibiotic cream. He seemed busy, and didn't give me much details, however, so I found this article online on how to possibly treat his sore, but I'm not sure if it's healthy. What do you think? Does it sound safe to treat my dog this way? Here it is:

    Treating open sores on a dog depends upon the type of the sore and the method in which the dog obtained the sore. Frequently, a dog will end up with a sore from a minor injury he received from another dog or from an encounter with a sharp object. While you can use home remedies on minor sores, if a car struck the dog, if it is bleeding heavily or if the sore is inflamed, call a vet.

    1. Muzzle your dog before inspecting the wound. A dog's natural instinct is to snap if he is frightened or if he is in pain. Most open sores are painful and your dog could snap at you or your helpers during the cleaning and treating procedure.
    2. Before you can medicate an open sore, you must clean it. On short hair dogs, washing thoroughly with a mild antibacterial soap and patting dry will remove grime and bacteria. Long hair dogs may require some trimming of the fur around the sore. If this is the case, apply a layer of water soluble gel, such as KY Jelly, to the wound to prevent hair from sticking to the sore, then carefully trim the surrounding hair a couple of inches away from the sore. Proceed to wash the wound.
    3. Apply a dab of antibiotic cream to the sore or dip a clean cloth into a bowl of apple cider vinegar, diluted at the ratio of one part cool water and one part vinegar and lightly dab the saturated cloth on the open sore. Allow the sore to dry uncovered, if possible and repeat the treatment once or twice a day to keep the sore sanitized.

    Alternately, dissolve one teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water and dab that on the sore. You may also use a damp tea bag and place it on the sore for a few minutes. The tannin in the tea will help dry out the sore.

    Avoid putting rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on a dog's open sores unless directed to do so by a veterinarian.
    4. If the sore is located in an area where the dog can't lick it, it is likely to heal once it is clean and treated but most dogs will lick a sore if they can reach it. Dog saliva isn't a miracle cure and the dog may irritate the open sore, making it worse.
    If this is the case, fit your dog with an inexpensive Elizabethan collar, available at pet supply stores or from the veterinarian's office. This large, rigid plastic cone fits around the dog's neck and prevents it from licking its body. If the sore is on the dog's head, the collar will also protect the wound from being scratched.
    Ok... I just want to know is this "treatment" would be safe to do on my dog while I can get him to the vet tomorrow... I don't want to make it worst than it is, therefore, I posted this article I found online, and I want to know if its safe to wash my dog with mild antibacterial soap and to treat it with antibacterial cream until tomorrow? Overall, is it a safe way to treat my dogs sore?
    For those that understood, thanks.... I'm a freak that worries way to much about things. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      i personally find that procedure a bit of a production ... the wound just needs to be washed with soap and water, antibacterial soap is not needed, and apply some polysporin or an ointment like that ... hopefully in an area you can cover ??? when my dogs have had hot spots i have just washed and applied polysporin ... once there was infection and i did warm compresses twice a day and again, healed up just fine ... if you are going to the vet tomorrow, no need for all that production, just wash it and some ointment and cover it with sterile gauze if you can, i also use breathable tape ...

    Curling iron tragedy! Skin whitening products?

    I received a small burn 3 months ago today from a curling iron and although its fully healed, i have a nasty brown scar on my neck that has been lingering there for months.

    I've never used a skin whitening cream so I was wondering if there are any products you'd recommend. I have no idea how long this will take to heal naturally. Have any of you had curling iron burns in the past? Is this here permanently - should I try to whiten the skin?

    And when the skin whitens, will it literally look white? or blend in to my natural skin color?

    • ANSWER:
      Ask Michael Jackson.

    Infection, swelling blood and puss. maybe an abscess?
    Okay Wed. June 3rd i woke up to a slight pain under my left breast so i thought it was because i had slept with my bra on. By friday June 5, it had gotten red, bumpy and real painful. i thought it was a rash so i just put cream on it. that next saturday, at night, i went to check up on it in the restroom and as i lifted my bra a lot of puss came out, i mean enough puss to full up a little medicine cup and suddenly it started bleeding thick dark red blood. My moms more of a natural/herbal healer so Ive been keeping it clean disinfecting it putting golden seal on it and taking antibiotics. The pain isn't as bad as how it was in the beginning but it still hasn't seemed to have healed. There is still some puss and slight bleeding on the "wound" the area surround the hole through where the blood and puss seem to be ejecting from does not have skin around it, i can see pretty much my meat. But now there is a thick white substance trapped in the hole. and it doesn't appear to be puss, its more thicker. What is all this? What can i do? Will it heal on its own if i keep taking care of it?

    • ANSWER:
      it sounds like a boil to me, and sounds like it has ruptured which is what they do. but until the white comes out, it will continue to fill up with more puss.

      In the bible Solomon treated boils with fig juice. The proteolytic latex of figs is widely used in the third world, even today, as an antiseptic.

      So since your mom likes home remedies, perhaps she will like to try the following as told in the bible.

      2Ki 20:7 And Isaiah said, Take a lump of figs. And they took and laid [it] on the boil, and he recovered.

      Isa 38:21 For Isaiah had said, Let them take a lump of figs, and lay [it] for a plaister upon the boil, and he shall recover.

      plaister means: to soften and then make a rub out of it.

    what is a good, effective medication (oral antibiotic; pill) for acne with minimal side effects?
    a little long, but PLEASE HELP!

    i've had moderate acne for years now; i've tried a bunch of OTC face washes and creams without great results. i recently started using a higher end brand of face washes (DDF; salicilyc acid wash in the morning and benzoyl peroxide scrub at night with benzoyl peroxide gel for spot treatment) and my skin definitely improved, but still wasn't perfect. i went to the dermatologist and was prescribed finacea gel which i apply to my entire face twice a day- after washing my face in the morning and after washing my face at night (my derm said that i could still do my exact same routine w/ the face washes and even still use the benzoyl peroxide gel on top of the finacea for extra treatment). this gel has helped A LOT with fading red marks (big problem i had) and treating pimples much faster (ie shrinking and healing and redness fading in less time); however, i'm still GETTING new pimples, so as nicely as the medication is TREATING my pimples and fading the red marks that show up, it's just a cycle at this point- the point is, i want to NOT be getting pimples. i feel like my best bet is to use these topical products in conjunction with an oral medication.

    as a sidenote, about 8 years ago when my acne was much worse i started taking the oral antibiotic minocycline, and had an extremely rare adverse reaction to it (pseudotumor cerebri). i'm currently on various psychotropic medications (as i was at the time of taking minocycline) so i need to be a little cautious about potential reactions between medications.

    i really do feel that i'm only going to be able to achieve the good, healthy skin that i want if i'm treating it INTERNALLY as well as externally. i take lots of vitamins, fish oil, flaxseed oil, a multivitamin specifically for healthy hair and i'm really doing all that i can in terms of taking the natural route, AND am very rigid about my skincare routine. despite all of this, i continue to have consistent breakouts...i'm 21 years old, it's extremely embarrassing to still have acne and i just want to be able to feel confident and have great looking skin.

    any tips or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! AND a big thanks if you took the time to read this!

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend use Acneace!
      I used it, and after 1 months, my acne was COMPLETELY gone!
      Hope it works for you.
      you can get From Google Search Acneace Official site. Good luck.

    I'm at a point in my life I want to try to live healthy because I got some problems going on regarding....?

    At this moment in my life I am trying to eat healthy and as well eat foods that will benefit my body, I have has some health problems happen to me in these past few month and want to eat healthy rather then take a lot of medz to heal myself with plants YHWH made grow for us to eat. Im a vegetarian and not to big in popping pills anytime I fill sick, its not natural.

    so my question(S) are

    1- I know their is some foods that benefits womans bodys, what are them foods??????
    2-What food is good for blood, blood clots, low blood sugar?????
    3-What foods are good with weight loss?????
    4-problems having a BM, what foods will hell in that department? ;)
    5-Rich in Iron????
    6-Rich in protein????

    I only eat foods such as nuts, egg plants, whole wheat bread, corn, onions, greens, green beans, pinto beans, black beans, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, whole wheat noodles, strawberry's, oranges, cherry's, hot peppers, bell peppers, green onions, seasonings, and all fruit/veggies - plants that YHWH planted that was meant to be ate.

    Now I try to replace eggs with applesauce as much as I can and as well replace other items with other God made Items rather then man-made and death (Living things killed for eatting)

    I dont eat any meat what so ever not even fish...........

    my last question is do you know any meal ideals and how I can make em????? I want something new to try using fruit/veggies..... but I do luv cheese and sour cream so stuff like that is cool with me
    Its not something I want to talk over with a doctor, It only has a small part to do with my health problem, its more then so the fact I love myself and dont want to have bad health like most of these fat nasty lazy Americans have.... I walk 2-7miles daily if ot more I eat real healthy but at the same time I know my food and I study my body I know what Im lacking I know my health problems and I know what I want to eat.
    I just want food ideals regrading the things i listed...... not people who dont know me to judge me and tell me to see a doctor.
    I put y trust in YHWH not a damn doctor,
    now if you can answer my question THANK YOU!!! but if you want to tell me what to to like your my mom then dismiss yourself before you even bother to begin :) its simple answer the question if you got a answer but other tips/comments not regarding what I asked do need to be posted keep it to your self please and keep it moving.
    now a example would be like garlic is good for your white blood cell. OK?
    awww oppz had a few miss types in my details so oh mmm yeah sorry about that.... just str8 2 the point..... dont tell me what i should or shouldnt do. just answer my question with out the extra comments and what not..

    • ANSWER:
      1. Foods that help women are things like wild yam, dong quai (an herb), and black cohosh (an herb). These help support estrogen production.

      2. If your blood has problems clotting, look for foods rich in vitamin K. If you're having problems with too much clotting, reduce the vitamin K foods. Just do a Google search for "vitamin K sources." For low blood sugar, consume more fruits and also consume cinnamon. Cinnamon helps balance your blood sugar levels.

      3. There is no food(s) that are good for weight loss. Weight loss happens when you eat a sound diet and exercise regularly. End of story.

      4. For a BM, you'll want to consume foods rich in fiber as well as take in anywhere from eight 8oz glasses of water a day up to 1 gallon of water a day. Fiber + water = good BM. If this doesn't help, seek a health professional who has your same values (you'd probably look for a naturopath or holistic doctor who is also a Christian or just said YHWH and that applies for both Christians and Jews, so I'm not sure which you are but am leaning more to Christian) to help you with this. With your new diet rich in grains, fruits, and vegetables, you'll have no problem with getting fiber.

      5. Foods highest in iron are nuts and seeds. These contain more iron per ounce than meat.

      6. All foods, except oils, contain protein. Just eat a well-rounded diet.

      Point six is really the big deal: you need a well-rounded diet. It's almost as if you're trying to build a diet that is richer in some foods than others, and that's wrong. Eat what has been given to you. As it says in Genesis 1:29, YHWH has given us EVERY plant and EVERY herb. We were not instructed to eat more of one or another, or to build a diet rich in one over another.