Home Remedies For Heartburn

Most people will experience heartburn at some point in their life. The unfortunate ones, like myself experience it more frequently. I am not one to rely on prescription medications for every ailment, which is why I am looking to try home remedies for heartburn instead of a pill or tablet.

If I can't find relief using a safe home remedy for heartburn then I will consider using an over the counter or prescribed medication.

First, I will go over what exactly causes me the most discomfort when it comes to heartburn and acid reflux. I love Indian food and my wife makes some excellent curry. However, sometimes it causes me some pretty serious heartburn.

Obviously, I could simply stop eating the curry. But, that is just not something I am ready to do. So, we have cut back on how often we have it as a compromise. If I could find some decent heartburn remedies then maybe we could have it a little more often.

I gathered up a few home remedies that I would like to try to see if they will relieve my symptoms. Here they are:


Often garlic can be a cause of some people's heartburn symptoms. But it can also relieve the symptoms as well. What you should do is chew a clove of garlic if you happen to be suffering from the burn of reflux.

Since we always have garlic in the fridge this is a home remedy for heartburn that I should be able to try. Although, nobody will want to be near me if I do eat a clove of garlic. I'll have to keep this in mind before I decide to try this remedy.

My research has found that some people recommend storing a few cloves in some apple cider vinegar and then sipping the combination when suffering the symptoms of heartburn.


Papaya contains an enzyme that helps with digestion, which is why it is good for treating the symptoms of excess acid in the stomach. However, we hardly ever have papaya in the fridge so this home remedy may never be tried.


According to natural health sites, if you begin to experience the first signs of heartburn it is recommended that you eat a small handful of almonds.

The reason that almonds work is that they contain a high concentration of natural oils that help to neutralize acid in the stomach.

We don't always have almonds in the house, but we do have them occasionally. So, this is one of the home remedies for heartburn that I may be able to try.

Out of these three potential heartburn home remedies, it would appear that chewing a clove of garlic is the one I would least like to try but since we always have garlic, it may be the one that I will have no choice but try if I want a natural method of treating the symptoms.

If you happen to suffer from heartburn then why not try a home remedy before getting a prescription medication.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Heartburn home remedies anyone?
    I recently had another heartburn flare up. Not this bad for several years. My doctor does not think it's my heart. I am on the 14 day Prilosec in the morning and Zantac after dinnner. I am not sure if the stuff is working or not. Do you guys know of any over the counter remedies to try? Or foods? Chamimille tea seems to help.

    • ANSWER:
      You're asking for home remedies and well most people who recommend home remedies will 'preach' to ya that you need to cure the cause not cover up the symptoms.

      Find out what's causing the heartburn. Just something simple as eating too fast, eating and drinking @ the same time, the way you lie down in bed. These factors can play a part if you experience heartburn.

      I don't have my books to share some natural/home remedies on heartburn.

    Does Anyone Have Any Home Remedies for Heartburn During Pregnancy?
    I am 6 months pregnant, and I have the worst heartburn ever....I have it every night, regardless if I eat or not. I was taking Tums @ one point, but I felt as if I may have been taking them too much. Does anyone have any safe home remedies that may work? Your help will be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      I was the same at around the same point in my pregnancy. The heartburn was unbearable! I took Tums probably 4-6 tabs a day (2 after a meal) and found they worked ok but not well enough. Then I discovered ice-cream! It really helped me heaps especially having a bowl before bedtime. As the old wives tale goes you'll probably have a baby with a full head of hair due to having heartburn while pregnant, I did. Good luck.

    Anyone have any home remedies for heartburn?
    I'm 22 weeks pregnant and I have the worse acid indigestion I've ever had. It's horrible! I don't only have heartburn 90% of the time, but I'm neaseaus with occasional vomiting.

    Does anyone know any pregnancy safe tricks I could try? I'm already taking tums and zantac, which are helping a bit. But any additional ideas would be welcome. I'm desperate!

    • ANSWER:
      Drink a glass of milk..my boyfriend does when he has heartburn and he says it works for him.

    Does anyone know any home remedies for heartburn, while pregnant?
    I am 6 months pregnant, and have horrible heartburn. Not to mentionI barely get any sleep as it is this makes me incredibly uncomfortable and unable to sleep even more. I just wanna rid the heartburn and get a little bit of sleeptime back.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, there are plenty of home remedies for heartburn while you are pregnant. A lot of women suffer with heartburn when they are pregnant because the weight of the baby can push against the stomach, which forces the acid out.

      Because you are pregnant it is always going to be better to go with a natural remedy for heartburn because it will be safer. There are a few things that you could try.

      One of the best things that can help with heartburn is to drink ginger tea. This is not as bad as it sounds because I drank this myself when I was expecting.

      Also change the way that you eat. Try to eat smaller meals, but eat more often during the day. The smaller the meal, the less acid the stomach has to to make to break up the food.

      Do not eat anything for at least 3 hours before going to sleep.

      Try drinking some peppermint, as this can help a lot.

      Also watch your posture during the day. When you are sitting down, try to lean back a little so that your stomach is straight, this prevents the stomach from being squashed up and forcing acid out of it.

      Hope that was helpful, take care. You can get a bit more information about natural home remedies for heartburn at the resource below.

    Do you have any home remedies for heartburn/acid reflux?
    I tried almonds last night for it and it worked wonders. I just was curious if anyone else has ever tried it.

    • ANSWER:
      One of the best ways to deal with acid reflux disorder is by making lifestyle changes. The foods that you consume can have a real affect on your acid reflux symptoms. There are foods that you can incorporate into your diet to relieve acid reflux pain. One of the great remedies is a tea made from anise, peppermint, and lavender. The combination is soothing, reducing the acidic content of your stomach. The mixture can be made with a bit of honey to make it a bit tastier. Anise helps your digestion while peppermint calms heartburn and gas. Lavender is a soothing body aid that also reduces stomach acid.

      Certain fruits also help with acid reflux because of enzymes that aid digestion. Try adding a papaya or a pineapple to each meal. Papaya helps aid in digestion and pineapple reduces inflammation, and the high enzyme content can help stop acid reflux. For people that don't care for pineapple or papayas, chicory root is a great alternative. Boil it in water, allow it to cool, and drink it as a soothing tea.

      Another way to ward off acid reflux symptoms is to eat more salad. Incorporating a salad into your daily meal plan is a great way to reduce the painful symptoms of acid reflux. Best of all, salads are healthy, containing nutrients your body needs to flourish.

      Hope this helps...

    heartburn- home remedies???
    i have no idea if i have heartburn, but it sure does feel like it. i've never had this feeling before in my chest.. and it sure does feel like heartburn. any quick remedies or suggestions as to what it is??
    i didnt eat much today except chickfila for lunch and rice soup in the morning. water in between both meals. is this heartburn?? it's a burning sensation and it makes me feel very uncomfortable around the chest area. im only 25! didnt think i could get heartburn!!!

    • ANSWER:
      First off...it probably is heartburn or acid reflux..BUT there is a small possibility it could be related to your heart...and that is nothing to ignore or delay on. Please go see your doctor and have it checked out. If it gets worse today..you may want to go to emergency. 25 year olds can have heart attacks.

      Assuming it isn't try some pepto bismol, gaviscon or maalox from the drug store...if it is acid reflux it should settle down. Also you can get zantac over the counter or losec too I believe which will usually stop acid reflux in its tracks.

      Again this is something you should see your doctor over if the condition persists cause acid reflux can damage your esophagus and lead to permanent scarring and precancerous conditions. The good news is that with new medications..such as Proton Pump inhibitors..you can totally control it. Other things to control would be to eliminate spicey foods, caffeine, carbonated drinks, tomato products, alcohol and not eat prior to go to bed. If you can elevate the head of your bed with pillows or books under the feet of the bed that can reduce acid reflux which is usually worse at night.

      Good luck.

    are there any home remedies for heartburn?
    does alka seltzer help anyone?

    • ANSWER:
      there is the obvious baking soda in an emergency.....but not good to take over an extended period of time....if you have heartburn frequently then you should see your doctor.....acid reflux can be very damaging to your esophagus....as far as alka seltzer goes....i have box in front of me and it says good for acid indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn, headache, body aches and pains...so it is for heartburn but everyone is different in how well an otc medicine works...best bet talk to your doc....have a great day and good luck.

    Heartburn home remedies?
    Ok, so I woke up at 10 pm to find that somehow my husband has waded through two big bottles of antacid and didnt bother to let me know we were out. I am wondering what some home remedies are because I really need some relief and don't want to have to get up and go to the store at midnight now!! I read on one website that yogurt might help so I tried that. I cannot believe I ate Taco Bell for dinner last night.... that was really really stupid. I am 26 weeks so it has to be something safe for being pregnant. Thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      There are two ways that might help. One, eat a slice of bread, plain. Second, take about 1/4 cup of 7-up or Sprite, sprinkle just about 2 shakes of salt into it, and drink immediately. The later one has worked for me everytime.

    What are some at home remedies for heartburn.?

    • ANSWER:
      drink a glass of milk

      you can mix some baking soda in warm water, but it tastes like crap

      I just buy antacids, they are cheap and work....

    Does anybody know of any home remedies for heartburn?

    • ANSWER:
      Ginger is a great remedy for heartburn. The ginger that you get with sushi takes the burn away almost instantly. Candied ginger works also it just takes a little longer. Either way ginger works really well.

    Are there any home remedies for heartburn?

    • ANSWER:
      chew juicy fruit really works why I don't know but it do!

    home remedies for heartburn?
    i'm 34 weeks and in need of some home remedies for heartburn. it seems everything i eat gives me heartburn. i am a mother of 2 so i know it's normal but it does get aggravating when i can't sleep because of it. the meds my doc gave me don't work. so maybe you could share some of your experiences

    • ANSWER:
      A tablespoon of baking soda in a small glass of water is safe and very effective. Best wishes and good luck.

    What are some home remedies for heartburn....?
    I have heard that vinegar works....is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      Apple cider vinegar is supposed to help but some people claim that it actually gives you heartburn.

      Pineapple is supposed to help as it contains the enzyme bromelain in the core and that promotes a healthy digestive environment.

    okay so what can I do for heartburn.. home remedies please.. i dont like tums or any medicines.?

    • ANSWER:
      chamomile tea is great for digestive issues.
      eating yogurt with active cultures helps a lot.
      do not drink anything that is carbonated as that can be a big problem for some stomach issues.
      The others gave great tips. also, when you get heart burn, chewing gum sometimes helps. Don't know why but it has worked for me too.

    Are there any at-home remedies for heartburn?

    • ANSWER:
      A nurse friend of mine told me that if you eat dairy that your stomach will make even more acid to compensate for the dairy. Its called rebound heartburn. Check with your doctor if you get this a lot. You could have acid reflux disease. If you don't treat this you are more susceptible for esophageal cancer. I'm on prilosec for the rest of my life.

    What Are Some Home Remedies For Heartburn>?

    • ANSWER:
      1/ teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in a large glass of water. Drink it down.

      Sodium bicarbonate is a powerful acid neutraliser, and will instantly react with the acid in the stomach, turns into carbonic acid, and breaks down rapidly into carbon dioxide and water.

      The carbon dioxide in your stomach will make you burp.

      If you have regular or severe reflux/heartburn, go see a doctor. There is an increased risk of esophageal cancer (Barrett's esophagus) with excessive exposure to the corrosive stomach acid. Also taking large amounts of sodium bicarbonate can lower the pH of other body fluids.

    Home remedies needed for heartburn relief.?
    I have horrible heartburn but cannot take any antacids because of a medication that I am currently taking. Do you have any "home remedies" for heartburn relief?

    • ANSWER:
      Oil of peppermint, charcoal tablets, and ginger. All 3 things work good, but oil of peppermint has always worked the best for me.

    are there any at home remedies for heartburn?
    i dont like taking medicine and i'm alergic to apple cider vinegar

    • ANSWER:
      I know If I'm at work and not at home where I can take something, I drink alot of water and that seems to help. If your at home don't lie down, that will make it worse. Maybe try some antacids or something along that line.

    Any "home remedies" for really bad heartburn?
    I rarely ever get heartburn but I have it really bad tonight and can't go to sleep. It goes all the way from my lower ribcage up to the top of my throat and is the worst heartburn I've ever had in my entire life. (Salsa was the culprit)....what can I do to get rid of it? I don't have any antacid medicine or pepto bismol or anything and don't want to go to the store. Any home remedies that'll do the trick?

    • ANSWER:
      May want to try a sip of pickle juice.. has worked for many over the years. Or just eat a pickle.

    Home remedies to heartburn?

    My 3rd trimester just started and with it, heartburn.

    I'm trying to stay away from any type of drugs due to personal preference, so I'm curious to see if there are any home remedies for heartburn.

    I drink mil or soy milk and that gives me a temporary relief, but shortly after, it comes back : / . Any other ideas?

    What gives you heartburn? For me it's bacon, any fried food, salad dressing, pepper, vinegar, cumin and even chocolate. It seems like everything that I eat gives me heartburn now LOL!

    Once again, I'm well aware that TUMS or Zantac can help, but I'm not interested in any drugs at this time. If you have suggestion for home remedies, I would be so grateful.

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Everything gives me heartburn!

      I've found that 2% milk works best for me, as well as staying hydrated all day. If it's really bad, I'll eat some bread with the milk and the combo lasts for a lot longer. I also stay upright for as long after I eat as I can, and that seems to help some.

      Good Luck!

    Home remedies for heartburn?
    I'm 18 weeks pregnant and I've tried tums, chewing gum, and eating small meals (none too close to bedtime) yet i still fight with the worst heartburn. I get it during the day, but it's much worse at night, sometimes getting so bad that i throw up. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      try drinking milk. and believe me, it only gets worse from here. i went almost two days without eating because it hurt so bad. you can also eat really plain foods like chicken noodle and crackers.

      hopefully that helps you out a little.

    any home remedies for heartburn?
    I dont like medication, I only want to use it for serious issues, cause you can always hear about the negative effects on your body and I just wanna live more healthy. I also like to live like people in the history. so what could I do for the heartburn? and I'll get checked with the doctor cause I keep getting it more often, maybe something is wrong, but what could I do to ease the burning???????????????????

    • ANSWER:
      peppermint or spearmint tea, or 1 t of baking soda in 6 oz of water will do the trick for now.
      The best way is to figure out what gave you the heartburn in the first place and not eat that again.
      What did you eat 5 minutes before you got the heartburn. There is a fair chance that is what gave you the heartburn. If you were only eating one thing, you are in luck! (I don't care if you love it like I used to love peanuts! Don't eat it again)

      If you ate a heavy meal and then you got heartburn, it will be more complicated, but not impossible. Eliminate all of those things from you diet, then add one back in. No problem? Add another one. No problem? Good. Leave that one for later and add a new one (notice you are only adding one thing at a time to the first one that was okay) If you get heartburn, eliminate the first thing that you did not get heartburn with, and eat the newly added thing and see if you get heartburn with it alone. If so, eliminate it forever. If not, you know then that you cannot eat the first heartburn free thing at the same time that you eat this one, but you can eat this one alone. Keep on experimenting until you find out what you ate that gave you heartburn, then just eliminate the item or the combination.

    Any at-home remedies for heartburn?
    5 1/2 months along now.

    • ANSWER:

      *Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar- Mix 2 tsp. in 1 cup water. Sip it during your meal. In many cases, heartburn is caused by low stomach acid, and the acetic in the vinegar corrects this inadequecy.

      *French's Mustard- Aid digestion by using this as a condiment and a cooking ingredient. Mustard's properties for aiding digestion have never been disputed.

      *Uncle Ben's Converted Brand Rice- Eating this, which is a food high in complex carbs, absorbs acid in the stomach, relieving heartburn.

      *Wrigley's Spearmint gum- The act of chewing gum stimulates the production of saliva, which neutralizes stomach acid and corrects the flow of digestive juices. Spearmint also helps aid digestion.

      Here's a STRANGE (and interesting) FACT:
      Gastric acid in the stomach is almost as strong as battery acid.

    Home Remedies for HEARTBURN?
    no rennies in the house!

    dying from heartburn :(

    • ANSWER:
      Drink a big glass of milk

    Home remedies for heartburn? 10 pts.?
    My mom has really bad heartburn, she has eaten a bannana, drank some milk, took some tums, and took a pain reliever. I told her yogrut would help, is there anything else?

    • ANSWER:
      peppermint candy has worked for me before.

    what home remedies are good for heartburn?
    my husband always has heartburn but he doesnt like to take pills

    • ANSWER:
      just try a glass of milk, it will help to coat the GI tract!

    What are some home remedies that ACTUALLY work for heartburn?

    • ANSWER:
      Try a flat teaspoon of baking soda mixed with about a half-cup of warm water.

      And try not to puke. It always works for me but a friend of mine tried it once and chucked all over her shoes. Naturally, she blamed me.....

    What home remedies are there for GERD or heartburn?
    I have taken omeprazole for far too long. My dr did not tell me to limit it to 14 days every 4 months. Now I'm worried. Any permanent damage and how can I treat this thru diet or any alternative medicines?

    • ANSWER:
      You would have to look at your lifestyle and maybe make lifestyle changes (weight loss, changes in eating habits, no smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, posture changes while sleeping), the following natural and herbal remedies have been known to provide relief for GERD/Acid Reflux symptoms:

      Amla (Indian Gooseberry)
      Aniseed, Peppermint and Lavender Tea
      Pineapple Enzymes
      Organic Grapefruit Skins
      Chicory Root Tea
      Slippery Elm (Ulmus Fulva)
      ... and the one I think sounds the BEST -
      Cinnamon Raisin Bread:
      Cinnamon raisin bread is among the effective herbal remedies for acid reflux. Cinnamon has a reputation for being a reliable antacid as well as being an effective antiseptic and remedy for controlling cold and flu. To create this simple remedy, toast some raisin bread. Spread it with butter, cinnamon, and cardamom. Chew the cinnamon bread slowly before swallowing it.

      If you are a tea drinker, try some of the teas listed above, but if you like cinnamon bread - well - why not?? LOL!!

      I noticed that the internet was filled with pages of stuff they all wanted to sell you. I finally found this site. If you are interested in these other teas and remedies, check out the website below and it will tell you all about them.

      Good Luck and Feel Better

    Home Remedies for heartburn?? Anybody know any??

    • ANSWER:
      Milk by friend drinks when she has heart burn and peppermint

    what is a good quick home remedy for heartburn besides apple cider vinegar and backing soda?
    I have reall bad heartburn, I usually tke prevacaid, but havent had it for a couple of days, usuall baknig soda workis but havent got any , its late and i cant go get it. Applecider vingeqar usually actuall works, but nothing is helping. is there a certain postion I can lay in or some other home rededy??Please Im in alot of pain.:(

    • ANSWER:
      Any kind of carbonated drink helps me. Sprite, coke, dr.pepper, they are all good. Tried TUMS?

    Is there any home remedy for heartburn? I dont have anything to take?
    at home so i am wondering if there is anything I can do. I just drank 6 ounces of coke and it went away for about 30 mins, but now it is back with a revengence! Ugh! Help!

    • ANSWER:
      Drink milk.. it will coat the esophagus and stomach and make things feel a lot better. You could also put baking soda in water and drink that.
      Hope that helps.

    What is a good home remedy for heartburn?
    also is there any herbs that can help treat my heart burn? thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      I've seen several homemade remedies for persistent heartburn. one is ginger another is put baking soda in warm water and chug that down, or apple cider & vinegar, Have you tried an over the counter antacid like Tums? Rolaids? Mylanta?

      Do you have this problem often? If so, you may have GERD, also known as acid reflux. If that's the case, it's something you need to take something on a daily basis for acid reduction. They now sell Pepcid and Prilosec over the counter, if the antacids don't work. If you're still not doing better, you may need to see the Dr about, so that you can get something stronger like Nexium.Try kombucha tea its a Chinese tea there is a good one made by a company called Yogi www.yogitea.com another really good one is a japanese tea called kukicha there is a really good one made by eden
      www.edenfoods.com. Hope this helps

      Despite what myths you hear, like drinking milk to reduce the heartburn. Be careful doing those. The milk does feel good, and makes it go away. But due to the acid in the milk, it causes the heartburn to come back worse. Good luck!

    HEARTBURN and it really hurts does any one know what they can do for home remedies?
    gosh i get this heartburn everynight and i am preganet 7months and i have a prescription and taken it with maloxx and its not working and my chest is exploding so bad it hurts any remedies?

    • ANSWER:
      Baking soda in water might work, but the relief it provides will be brief.

      Go to the store and get some Pepcid (or store brand of famotidine) or Zantac (or store brand of ranitidine). They're safe to use in pregnancy (Prilosec isn't) and effective. A dose of either will last about 12 hours.

    Home remedy for heartburn?
    I seem to get heartburn or reflux at night while I am laying in bed watching tv.

    What home remedies work for this?


    • ANSWER:
      Hydrochloric Acid supplement (pill), Apple Cider Vinegar... or other acid taken before your meal...

      The irony is that heartburn is usually caused by LOW stomach acid levels, so after you eat a hard-to-digest food (and your stomach can't break it down) it revs up your internal acid production and causes a burning sensation... but by then the food has moved via peristalsis past your stomach into your small intestine, so the acid your stomach produced just burns you, not your food. (Your stomach is making the acid when it is all ready too late, but doesn't have high enough levels when the food first goes in and is in the stomach)... that is why you are feeling the burn at night, quite a while after your meal... not during your meal.

      If you take hydrochloric acid (same as stomach acid) with your meal, your food will digest and you won't get the burn... or you can drink a couple tablespoons of vinegar right before your meal for the same effect... if this doesn't work, perhaps you have an ulcer or other problem... if it does work, great!!!

      Tums and other calcium-based antacids will work against you in the long run... they provide temporary relief by lowering your stomach acid (calcium is alkaline) but then the after-effect will be worse because your stomach will make even MORE acid in response with a worse burn...

    What is the best way to naturally cure heartburn (acid reflux)?
    I am beginning to think that I have acid reflux disease. I have been experiencing some severe heartburn of late and would like to find a solution. Preferably natural cures for heartburn or heartburn home remedies that work. I prefer the home remedy approach as it usually is safer and less expensive. Looking forward to your help.

    • ANSWER:
      I actually had some very severe heartburn a few months back. I tried everything, even most of the heartburn home remedies listed above. Cinnamon and water did not work. Baking soda didnt work. I even tried the can of beer, which made my heartburn even worse. I actually thought I was doomed and destined to never cure heartburn and live with it forever. My doctor had even told me that acid reflux is a lifetime condition and that there was no cure. I randomly came across and ad one day while trying to find some acid reflux home remedies online and came across this book, Heartburn No More. This book took the holistic approach and sounded very appealing. I had nothing to lose so I bought the book and followed the program to the tee. I was really blown away by the fact that in approx 20 days since I started applying the dietary and cleansing principals outlined in the book, my acid reflux was completely cured. The burning sensation, the chest pain, the bloating and the constant burping have completely disappeared. It really feels like magic. Im telling you, try Heartburn No More, you wont be disappointed.

    Medicines (or home remedies) to take before a meal to prevent heartburn? (Read post before responding!)?
    A lot of medicines - notably non-prescription strength Pepcid, Zantac, and Tagament - advertise that they can be taken before a meal to prevent heartburn.

    I am not a doctor or pharmacist, but I question whether these medicines should be taken for that purpose. My understanding is that these medicines, even in non-prescription strength, are a lot stronger than "standard" antacids like Tums, Maalox, Mylanta, and Rolaids. If anything, it would seem like taking these medicines before a meal would not allow the stomach to have enough acid to ensure proper digestion.

    So, two questions...

    1. For those who do use non-prescription strength Pepcid, Tagament, Zantac, etc. to prevent heartburn before eating, have taking these medicines caused any problems or side effects (especially with regard to digesting your meal)?

    2. Does anyone use any other method (i.e. taking a weaker medicine or a home remedy) to prevent heartburn before eating something that will likely cause heartburn?

    NOTE: So long as I stay away from a few foods that give me trouble, heartburn is something I get 2 or 3 times a YEAR at most. Please don't waste time telling me about GERD or that I need to see a doctor.

    • ANSWER:
      We always keep (fresh)celery in our house for heart burn.
      It works even if you put peanut butter,cream cheese,etc...,on it.
      Try it,you'll be surprised :) )

    Home remedies for GERD/Heartburn?
    I have horrible heartburn. I've been getting it everyday since 5/31 of last year. It just won't go away. I have so many other symptoms on top of it, but nothing really helps. I've taken prilosec, protonix, and gaviscon, but it only helps for a little while. Even drinking water makes me have heartburn! And it's not just a burning feeling. I get the works with it. I'm talking gurgling in my throat, sore throat, constant clearing of the throat, dry cough, sometimes chest pain, etc...I've tried everything from drinking just water, to eating bananas, more fruit and salads, anything that seems healthy. Do any of you have any tips for me please? Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      I used to have heartburn and gerd regularly, too. the doctor told me to take maloxx and i suck on altoids (strong peppermint). That is because I also take some medications that make my mouth real dry. You might also want to go to this website: http://www.mangosteenminerals.com and make sure and read the testimonials. After that come visit my website: http://www.myvemma.com/gstandly or http://www.myverve.com/gstandly. I am post polio and have lupus and after one year of taking Vemma (mangosteen minerals) I was able to get off of three medications and one of them was prilosec.

    What is the best home remedy for GERD/Heartburn?
    Hello, I am Nabin from Nepal, currently i am suffering from heartburn, and gastritis. I have heard that Apple Cider Vinegar is the best solution for heartburn. Is this true? Please tell me, what is the best solution for GERD/Heartburn.Please i will be waiting for your answer.

    • ANSWER:
      The apple cider vinegar works but it MUST be RAW apple cider vinegar, not refined or purified or pasteurized.

    Home remedies for indigestion/heartburn...............?
    Im 8 months pregnant & I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      chocolate milk!! it helps so much! and popsicles are great too. I know this one isn't a home remedy but I lived off of tums smooth dissolve, they really help and they're completely safe for the baby.

    Best home remedy for heartburn?
    I seem to be getting heartburn a lot and I heard home remedy's work the best so what would be a good home remedy to cure heartburn?
    Alot of good answears im goning to try them all to see what one works the best i wish i could of chose more than one best answear

    • ANSWER:
      chamomile tea is an excellent digestive aid and tummy soother.
      Do not drink any soda. Try a bland diet for a while till things get better. A bland diet consists of no spicy or high fiber things, no fried foods and no pop. Small servings more often rather than a large gut busting meal. Drink plenty of water and add yogurt to your diet.
      Add yogurt anyway, even if you don't try the bland diet thing. yogurt active cultures are great for tummy troubles and it is a great tasting home remedy.

    home made remedies for heartburn?
    I have heart burn since the last week I cant take it any more.What should I do ? Please show me some homemade remedies

    • ANSWER:
      Do not drink milk. That's a horrible idea.
      The baking soda cure is really about all you can do besides prevention.

      For prevention:
      Don't eat large meals. Eat more frequent smaller meals.
      Eat meals lower in fat.
      You may try eating less spicy foods.
      Bacon and all sausage must be avoided for some people.
      Never lay down within 3 hours of a meal.
      Avoid soda and coffee.
      Avoid chocolate.

    Know any remedies for heartburn while being pregnant??
    A friend of mine is pregnant and having bad heartburn, if you know some safe home remedies for helping it would be most appreciated!!! Thank you!!

    • ANSWER:
      When I was in the hospital, they gave me crackers and milk.

    What is the best home remedy for chronic heartburn?

    • ANSWER:
      Chew 3 papaya enzymes before a meal/try aloe Vera juice/try apple cider vinegar.All available at health food stores for under .

    Any home remedy suggestions for heartburn?
    I am 29 weeks preg and am getting heartburn more frequently. IT SUCKS! Any home remedy suggestions? I know I can take "white antacids" but, hate to take any meds if I don't have to! Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      See if you can find any crystallized ginger in your local health food store or a more upscale grocery store. It is nothing more than slices of ginger root that have been cooked in a sugar base. It's very tasty and highly recommended for soothing stomach and digestion problems. I keep a glass canister of it in my kitchen all the time. While it may not completely eliminate your need for antacids, I bet it will drastically reduce it.

    Does baking powder/soda mixed with water work for heartburn?
    If so how much should I use? Milk isn't working and I've no Rennies or any other antacids in the house and I'm in quite a lot of discomfort :( If anyone has any other home remedies for heartburn that actually work, they would be very much appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Use baking SODA (sodium bicarbonate) - I don't know if baking powder has the same effect since the chemical composition may be different (?). Sodium bicarbonate is a base which will neutralize the acid released by the stomach. Just follow the directions on the box although I do it my way: that is, swallowing about 1/2 tablespoon of soda and chasing it with water. Mmmmmm...I just love the impending burp! (lol...)

      It helps tremendously to sit up. If you must lay down, prop yourself up in a 45 degree angle. That prevents the acid from traveling up your esophagus which is the source of the pain.

      Of course it is recommended NOT to over-use sodium bicarbonate because too much will change your body chemistry too much (you don't want to offset your body's acid/base balance). Also, be careful using baking soda when you have over-stuffed yourself. You WILL burp, so you've gotta have enough space inside for this pleasant explosion - lol...

      Not sure of other rememdies...good luck, my friend!

      Note: vinegar is an acid too. I don't know if you'd want to add MORE acid - ??

      Pepcid does wonders if you don't mind over-the-counter remedies...

    What can I use as a home remedy for heartburn?

    • ANSWER:
      theres so many i personally never have had heartburn but my husband gets it alot so try these i know they work :
      *a table spoon of brown sugar
      *for immediate relif a teaspoon of baking soda and water
      *(if suffering at night)right after dinner eat and apple
      *drink a table spoon of cider vinager(give it 30 seconds)and itll be gone
      *a table spoon of yellow mustard

      hope theses help (which they will) but good luck!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know a home remedy for HeartburnAcid Reflux?
    i dont have any prevacid or zantac and cant sleep! please help me!

    • ANSWER:
      You can mix baking soda with water.

      A tea spoon with a glass of water.

    whats the best home remedy for heartburn intergestion?

    • ANSWER:
      A little baking soda in about an egg cup of water. Milk is also good.


    are there any home/natural remedies for heartburn?
    i feel like EVERYTHING i eat makes me get it everyday! and untill i am able to see a doctor i just need something that will help!

    • ANSWER:
      You really should go see a doctor; sounds like you could have acid reflux, which can cause some pretty bad problems and severe damage (like acid burns to your esophagus).

      Dietary changes will help. Avoid:

      coffee (including decaf)
      tomatoes and tomato based foods such as pasta sauces and tomato juice
      citrus foods and juices
      garlic and foods containing garlic
      onion and foods containing onion
      spicy foods

      Eat small, frequent meals instead of three large ones. Make sure you get lots of exercise; exercise is what runs your digestive system (not only helps your stomach work more efficiently, but you need exercise to create peristalsis, which is the process of moving digested food through your small and large intestines).

      Good luck and please see a doctor as soon as you can.

    I'm 36 wks pregnant,What's a home remedy for heartburn?

    • ANSWER:
      I had heartburn all the time when i was pregnant when i got to be around 32 weeks the doctor wrote me out Zantac for it.

      Here is a list of remedies: http://www.morphemeremedies.com/homeremedies_heartburn.htm