Home Remedies For Spiders

Causes And Remedies For Oily Hair
The causes of oily hair are not as complex as some think.Sebaceous glands (associated with all follicle pores) secrete sebum, or hair oil. Sebum coats the follicle shaft improving elasticity, flexibility and strength. Over-active sebaceous glands can leave hair oily and greasy and attract dirt, greasy, and in some cases, bacteria.

Oily hair is quite as troublesome as dry hair. Oily hair is lank and heavy and will just flop down on your head refusing to get styled.

Most people automatically believe that if the hair is oily, the culprit has got to be an oily scalp and they go about doing everything they can to dry out the scalp. Not only is this an exercise in futility, it will in fact exacerbate the existing situation. Interestingly, oily hair is often accompanied by a dry scalp. When the scalp is dry, the oil glands step up the production of oil and send it to the scalp and the hair, giving the hair that oily look.

What Causes Oily Hair?

Some of the factors include a diet that is rich in saturated fat, extremely humid atmosphere and perspiration. Running the hands through the hair constantly or brushing and combing it excessively will also stimulate the oil glands and increase the production of oil, making the hair look even oilier. Hormonal imbalances can also cause oily hair brought on by the overproduction of sebum.

What are the Remedies for Oily Hair?

Making the necessary dietary changes is one of the most effective remedies for oily hair. Eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit and drinking 8 glasses of water everyday is not only good for hair it is great for overall health too. Fast foods, greasy foods and dairy fats are best reduced or avoided altogether.

A mild, oil-free shampoo for oily or greasy hair helps control secretions. Shampoos with Zinc PCA have been found to be the most effective. Zinc PCA regulates the sebaceous glands reducing oil deposits. Do not use harsh shampoos in an attempt to get rid of oil from the hair as harsh shampoos can strip the hair of vital nutrients and moisture, causing it severe damage.

When shampooing, work the lather in gently and thoroughly rinse off till the hair is completely free of all soap residue. Avoid rubbing the scalp vigorously when shampooing as this again can lead to an overproduction of sebum.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Home remedies for spiders and or cockroaches?
    I swear the spiders outside my house are trying to capture me. Every couple hours there are spider webs everywhere and I have to walk through them. Is there anything I can do to keep them away?

    • ANSWER:
      To bad the webs could not catch the roaches. Boric acid powder behind, between stove and other things. Under sinks and where they hang out. Mint tea bags and cloves and Roach motels,glue traps, in corners and on shelfs and in closets. They live in walls. The powder along the baseboards. Starve them out. Put food in containers. Conceal trash or put powder in it. Baby powder for ants. Borax will kill spiders. Baking soda. Buy bottles of peppermint, lavender or other essential oil, from crafts store, and natural soap, drug store, and mix 5 tablespoons of soap and 5 tablespoons of oil to per quart of water. Spray. You have to use gloves and can not get this on you. Package of pipe or chewing tobacco, soak in gallon of boiling water until cools. Strain into clean container. Put cup of this and half cup lemon dish soap into hose end sprayer and spray.

    Are there any good home remedies for killing spiders?
    Our yard is beginning to be invaded by spiders & I can't stand it! Don't ask me what kind but there are big & small ones. The big spiders spin humongous webs near my front porch...So we have to be careful not to walk into it at night! It's horrible!!! Are there any good home remedies for killing spiders?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know about other spiders, but I know how to kill black widows. Spray straight amonia towards the base of your house. Make sure that there are no pets, or kids, etc., around when you do this. The amonia pulls the black widows out and the fumes kill them. Good luck. I hate spiders too!!!!

    is there any good home remedies for getting rid of spiders?
    is there any good home remedies out there to get ride of spiders? they are all over the house and outside. please help!!

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not really sure about home remedies.. There is a product called Ortho Home Defense and you spray it on the outside foundation of your home.. It repels spiders and other creepy crawlies and you could "fog" your yard.. Just be careful of children and pets... I also use my vacuum attachement to rid myself of pesky critters... ! I also sweep my deck and the back of the house with an outside only broom ! Good luck

    Are there any natural home remedies to get rid of spiders?
    Got a spider problem but also a young child. Im looking for natural remedies to get rid of spiders.

    • ANSWER:
      Here you go.

    home remedies for fleas?(and spiders)?
    my cat has fleas and i want to get rid of them with home remedies also spiders if anyone knows i know they dont like citrus but not sure how to go about using it against them

    • ANSWER:
      Use GREEN DAWN i repeat GREEN DAWN dish soap. It works like no other flea killer shampoo i have ever tried. I bathed my puppies today and there fleeas were all dead with in a couple of minutes and all we had to do was brush all the dead fleas out with a flea comb. Remember to get the neck of your pet first so no fleas can escape to the head for safety.

      I hope this helps :)

    Any home remedies for spiders ? The pests?
    Other than spending -25 on chemicals, is there any home remedy for spiders ?

    Primary problem is in my garage & patio.


    PS, I have cats that I dont want to poison.
    So which of those oils are cheap & available at walmart ?

    Spider-Repellent Recipes

    Most varieties of spiders pose no threat to humans and are in fact beneficial, as they help keep the insect population under control. Despite this, many people dislike or fear spiders and consider their presence in the home an unwanted nuisance. Spiders can be exterminated or repelled without the use of pesticides or harsh chemicals. Spiders avoid a wide number of natural oils extracted from plants, herbs and fruits, including citrus fruits, lavender, peppermint, citronella, cinnamon, tea trees and cloves. Pure forms of these oils may be purchased at health food stores, and most are inexpensive.

    Place a few drops of any of these oils, in any combination, into a spray bottle. Add a squirt of liquid detergent and fill the bottle with water. Spray the mixture on cobwebs, around doors and windows, around the lawn and garden and on any surfaces where spiders lurk. In addition to having a pleasant aroma

    • ANSWER:
      Well, House Centipedes eat spiders and I actually prefer them in my house than spiders. But if you don't like the creepy crawlies at all:

      This works like a charm.


    any home remedies for getting rid of spiders and/or scorpions in your house?
    i live in a rock house and in my bedroom i've killed at least a dozen different kinds of spiders in the last couple weeks.

    • ANSWER:
      Spiders do not like the scent of Lemon pledge polish.
      A mixture of soap, water and vinegar will kill both of them.
      Scorpions do not like to get in the sun. They get under rocks and things in the yard. Getting rid of these things and clearing away leaves and things around the foundation will get rid of them and spiders.

    are there home remedies for keeping spiders out of my home?

    • ANSWER:
      Sure are... it's called eliminating the places they like to hide out. Moving boxes and thinks that create clutte eliminate the places spiders can set up shop. You can also weather seal the places they get into your home which is typically door jams and window seals... but some get through other cracks in walls. I have found that carpeted surfaces are also much harder to keep the bugs out... they like to get in under the seams.

      Clorox makes a non toxic cleaning product called GreenWorks and it works great if you see them and spray them. They die within a few minutes and you don't have to worry about spraying something toxic like 409 or bleach on your stuff.

    Are there any home remedies for spider bites?
    I just got bit and i got a light to mild numbing sensation on my arm nothing serious just wondering?

    • ANSWER:
      Assuming the spider wasn't poisonous? Numbness is worrisome so keep an eye on it and if you start having problems breathing call 911.

      Otherwise, bites usually do well with a baking soda paste made with baking soda and water. Apply to the bite area and let it dry. Re-apply if needed to get the "stinging" to go away. Antibacterial ointment is always a good idea after that with a Band-Aid. If the swelling doesn't go down or you see streaking in the area, see your doctor. Hope that helps.

    Do you have any home remedies to get rid of SPIDERS,ROACHES,ANTS,AND CENTIPEDES?
    I just moved to into a new house and i have found many little creepy critters. I have a toddler, so i need a natural solution to get rid of bugs for good. Please help me.
    must be an effective natural solution, not a shoe or a man or a broom.

    • ANSWER:
      Boric Acid will work fine i guess

    Home remedies for treating spider mites on house plants?
    My mother recommended I sprayed the plants frequently with water because the mites don't like humidity. This seems to have helped but the mites are still there. Since I use some of the herbs in cooking I'd rather not use a pesticide, can anyone suggest a good home remedy I could try?

    • ANSWER:
      Treating Big area for Spider Mites - House Plants Forum - GardenWeb
      20 posts - 8 authors - Last post: 11 Nov 2007
      Right now I am using an insecticide for Spider Mites but I am leery as it burned one ... remove any pet birds from the home and tightly cover aquariums. .... Years ago I spent so much time trying various chemicals/remedies to kill them, ..

    Anyone have home remedies for a spider bite?
    My dad was bitten on his toe about 2 months ago and now 2 of his toes are black. By the way he is a diabetic and refuses to see a doctor. He now has a big white circle across the top of his foot that is constantly draining. His foot is swollen. His wife cleans it everyday twice a day. His foot does have a bad odor. At one point there were 3 big maggots that came out of his foot. At another time we did see improvement but then all went downhill. I have a picture if anyone would like to see. Thank you for any information.
    It's been 2 months and wont go and everyone has already cried to him about so anybody else with ideas that has nothing to do to go to the doctor or hospital?? Believe me if it were my way he would be in the hospital!

    • ANSWER:
      He needs to go to a doctor or podiatrist. Podiatrist would be best. The problem is, he probably has let it progress to far and most likely needs one or both toes amputated now. If he continues to refuse to get treatment, the infection will enter his bloodstream and he will develop a dangerous blood infection called sepsis. At that point he will be critically ill and on the verge of collapse.

      Get him to seek treatment now. There is no home remedy short of cutting off his foot that will help him at this point.

    i need a home remedy for spiders that wont hurt my cat
    i have spiders coming in from somewhere, and they are big hairy ones...i want to get a home remedy that will kill them without hurting my cat.

    • ANSWER:
      Osage Oranges (a softball size, yellowish brain looking fruit) placed in pans and then placed around the house in all corners will deter spiders from entering you home.

    Are there any home remedies for spider veins that WORK?

    • ANSWER:
      no, but to prevent them you should take care of your legs by not crossing them (cuts off circulation), prompt them up when you can and try to avoid working on concrete flooring will help also. Wearing the proper shoes in in soles will help.

    I have spiders every where! Any home remedies to get rid of them?
    We have so many spiders it's like our apartment is there nest. It's not just one kind either. Last night my hubby and I found 2 as wide as a 50 cent coin with yellow and black stripes on our garage door. I found a big white one in the shower this morning and there is always little black ones crawling on our walls.
    We live in ohio in apartment above our garage. No one lived here for a yr and a half before we moved in and we think that is why they are so bad. I have a 2 month old baby and I am afraid she is going to get bit.
    Any tips to reduce the spiders or do we need an exterminator?

    • ANSWER:
      The ones on the walls can be vacuumed up. There might be eggs behind the pictures and in the corners of the walls. They look like white tiny silky balls of cotton. Lemon pledge polish repels them. Spray could be used on the garage door. That would be away from the baby. There are glue traps made to go in corners and along the base boards. If you have some borax, 20 mule team, laundry cleaner, it could be put in containers and put under things. It will kill the spiders.

    What's a Home Remedy for Getting Rid of Spiders?
    I know how to get rid of other pests and how to clean stained surfaces without using bleach or harsh chemicals, but can someone tell me how get rid of spiders without using Raid or Blackflag?

    • ANSWER:
      sevin dust. you can buy it at any hardware store or wal-mart.

    What's a home remedy for killing black widow spiders?
    Besides swatting them and all that. My friend got bit and had a major reaction and got antibiotics. It was creepy. Another problem I have with fleas. What can you do to kill them. I know baby powder helps a little. I've bought flea spray and bombed my house. But, the pest control guy said the stuff I used didn't have the residual stuff in it which keeps killing them. The pest control costs so much.

    • ANSWER:
      Borax 20 mule team powder cleaner will kill them. It is best to put this in shallow lids. Not on the carpet, unless tested.

      Lemon pledge on the window sills and door frames helps.

      The flea eggs are hard to kill. Treatment sometimes has to be done 2-3 times because of the hatching fleas.

      If you do not have any dampness in your home, baking soda is good lightly sprinkled on the carpet for several hours.

      If you vacuum a lot, that will get the hatching fleas.

      An old remedy- soapy water in a container put under a night light, with all the other lights out, will draw fleas to it.

    what is a good home remedy for getting rid of spiders in your house?

    • ANSWER:
      I just get a can or two of insect fogger. Following the directions on the label and leave the house for about 4 or 5 hours. A lot cheaper than an exterminator and they do work. I use them about 2 times a year and I never have spiders or at least not after using the fogger.

    How do you keep spiders and bees away from your home?
    Does anybody know of a home remedy or something that works for them to keep spiders and bees away from your house?

    • ANSWER:
      Spiders........nope. They are helpers eating other insects. Since the outside of the home is an open vessel, nothing will stop them from coming.

      Bees, honey bees, are looking for pollen and nectar. Keeping flowers out of your area will reduce them. Wasps often feed on soft insects and since we just learned we can't keep insects from are area, we keep our eye out for wasps and destroy their nests if they came too close, but otherwise share the environment with them.

      Honeybees are attracted to blue flowers......keep blue, purple flowers from your garden...but that doesn't mean they only are attracted to blue, it's just their first choice.

    Is there any way to keep spiders out of your house?
    I can't stand spiders. To me, they're the most vile, disgusting little creatures that God ever made and I wish they would just go extinct! I like out in the country, so I'm pretty sure that there are some dangerous ones around and I have a 10 month old, so it's a little unnerving when I see a giant hairy spider run across the floor where my daughter just was. Any one have any home remedies for keeping spiders out?

    • ANSWER:
      Sadly there is no known effective repellent for spiders.
      If spiders went extinct, it would be a very very short time before
      you wished they were the only arthropod on earth.
      Spiders are the most beneficial creature next to bees for
      That giant hairy spider is not going to hurt you or your daughter.
      spider bites are far more rare than the horror stories you believe.
      I have handled thousands of spiders over the years, and have
      had fewer bites than may people claim to have received in
      a month.
      perhaps if you learned something about them, you would not
      find them so disgusting.
      If you just can't live with them, Antarctica is the only spider free
      region in the world. there are even spiders aboard the space station.
      Routine cleaning with a vacuum, and maybe some non toxic
      sticky traps will keep spiders under control.

    home for spider veins on the face?
    I need home remedies for spider veins on the my face......my wedding is in 5 weeks.............HELP

    • ANSWER:
      Vitamin K is the ONLY thing you can use for spider veins.they make a cream for spider veins on the legs and one for face,its all vitamin K....5 weeks of twice daily use should help a great deal...But I have tried it and I do know that it works,I used it for my legs and with continued use i hardly seen them...I also use it on my face and under my eyes for dark circles....you can find this product at walgreens or gvc pharmacy

    Home remedy for spider bites that I can buy in the Herbe Shop ?
    I keep getting bitten. Plantain root has helped in the past but I am unable to get this where I live now.
    Does anyone know anything that works?

    • ANSWER:
      activated charcoal will pull the poison out, they also have a salve I think it's called Prid, it comes in an orange round little metal thing !! they have it at the pharmacy. Vitamin C also helps to detoxify bites, even misquito bites. In detoxifying the poison it is destroyed, so you might need to take plenty. I think the herb shops have activated charcoal.

    What is a good home remedy for spider veins?

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry Ashley i don't know any home remedies.A dermatologist can zap them with laser. It doesn't hurt and for around 200$(in my area) they can do wonders. Go for it. It's worth it.

    What is the best home remedy for a spider bite?
    My friend said they look like they are Brown Recluse bites. I'm not sure. I got bit by something six times. The bites now (2 days later) look like big red blisters. They itch, burn, ache and throb. What can I do at home to make them go away? What can I do to prevent more bites like these?
    please help me

    • ANSWER:
      You NEED to get yourself to a dr pronto. A Brown Recluse bite will not heal on it's own. What the venom does is it slowly eats away at the healthy flesh around the bite. Go google it and see for yourself what the bite will turn into if left untreated.
      My Aunt got bit on her shoulder back in the 90's, she ignored it for months. When she finally went to her dr, she had a huge infected pit the size of an apple that took months to get cleared back up.
      Get yourself to your dr today!

    What is the best home remedy to get spider venom out of an arm?
    My mom was bitten by a spider in Pittsburgh, PA. 4 weeks ago. She has been on Keflex (an anti-biotic) for 12 days now as well as applying an anti-biotic ointment daily. She also cleans it with hydrogen peroxide daily. It heals and then pus comes out. The Dr. extended her anti-biotics for 5 more days. But that does not remove the venom. Any suggestions OTHER than having a Dermatologist cut it out?

    • ANSWER:
      A paste made from water and baking soda will extract some ofr the venom, this is good for bee stings as well.

    where can i find the best home remedies for pest you do not care for?
    ants,mice,spiders,and even some smells etc...

    • ANSWER:
      Use boric acid (powder)

    does anyone know how to get rid of spiders?
    We don't have money for an exterminator, but we have a lot of spiders in our house. Are there any home remedies? We have little white spiders, daddy long legs, and these big brown spiders (possibly wolf spiders) all over. I have an infant in the house and the rest of us adults are simply terrified of these things as they are so big and ugly. We have a big window unit air conditioner that isn't sealed well, and my landlord is too old to do it and I have no idea how to, but that's how I think they're getting in. Any help would be appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      the monkey balls are , osage orange fruit, [not edible]
      comely called hedge apples place them in a small dish
      keeps spiders away
      the daddy long legs will kill the little ones, wont hurt humans
      get some spray that will kill spiders
      as for the gap around the a/c cover the gaps with duct tape

    a spider bit Me and it left a whelt, is there a home remedy for spider bites?
    it's sore..but not agonizing. it's like a pimple now..should I pop it?

    • ANSWER:
      You should NOT attempt to pop the sore left by the spider bite. If it is possible to do so, gather the remains of the spider in a cup and go to your Doctor or a Hospital immediately. In most cases, spider bite is not serious but there are poisonous spiders such as the brown recluse and the infamous black widow. You may also be allergic to the spider and should seek medical attention. Attempting to 'pop' the bite will only aggravate the injury and may cause it to become worse.

    What's a good home remedy for a spider bite?

    It's a big itchy painful bump, and has lasted for several weeks. Never did see the spider. live in mid west

    • ANSWER:
      I looked this information on the web. But the treatment depends on what type of spider you were bitten by.
      I ASSUME it was not a brown recluse, or any type of poisonous spifer, or you would be real sick.
      Best advice I guess is like an asprin cream, applied to the bite.
      Or maybe just some anti-itch cream.
      Becasue it has been so long, since you were bitten, make an appointment with your doctor. And have him look at it, in addition to other options above.

    what is a good home remedy for spider mites?
    my house plants have spider mites and ive tried dawn dish soap and water but that did not work

    • ANSWER:
      Here is the Integrated Pest Management notes on Spider mites from UC Davis - http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn7405.html

    Is there a home remedy for making a spider repelant around house?
    I had read of a solution you could make out of ________ that you have in your home already. I cant remember what it was or if it was 2 things combined. Ex. vinager and backing soda. Please help have terable spider problem and no money to hire someone.

    • ANSWER:
      Try Mock or Osage Oranges? Put them in the corner where the spider like to be.

      If you have one in side and don't want to kill, better catch and release it using a plastic takeaway box or a jar. Slow move will do to put the box on top of it. Once it sits in the clear box, slowly insert a card/thick paper (should be bigger than the box) to cover the box and release it somewhere else.

      Spiders are shy and will not jump on you. Even when it is on your arm, it won't do anything if it feels neutral or unharmed. I actually used to hate spiders but now they are amicable friends. Having some around your house help you getting rid of other insects.

    How can I keep spiders away?
    I'm looking for a home remedy to keep away spiders. It can be anything as long as animals will not be affected by it, because I've got 6.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to a Craft store and purchase some Eucalyptus Sprigs. Spiders do not like the fragrance and will leave the area. Place them by doors and windows.

    lots of spiders in my apt, a huge spider crawling on my arm....how do i get rid of them??
    I live on the 1st floor in an apt. with a big patio. I have little white spiders everywhere, I've caught a few big black ones in the creases on the ceiling, and the other day a huge white one was crawling on my arm. I'm deadly afraid of them. I have a cat so I can't just spray everything down, and I can't get close enough to squish em. I found lots of lil webs and what looks like spider eggs (tiny white cotton ball thingys) with a flashlight in the dark. A few days back I noticied like 20 lil baby white spiders and a lil web stretching from the main door knob to a tall vase i have by the door and there was a bunch more in the vase. Is this a apt. building problem or just mine cuz im so close to the ground? Oh and theres so many huge roaches and bugs and spiders on the patio i don't even go out there. So do I tell my manager or is there something like corbic acid for spiders or like a home remedy ?

    • ANSWER:
      the most simplist way and most affortable way is to buy 2-4 cans of raid or leading insect killer. spray it all over your house and let it do its majic over night while you are at some elses home. Make sure the insect killer is non-toxic becasue it make make you sick. when you come back, spray the insect killer all around your doors one last time and get the edges and corners of your walls.

    What is a natural remedy for ridding your home of spiders?
    I have an infestation..I have for the last 3 years...Id rather not spray poison in or around my home; they could endanger my children or pets. Ive tried the citrus so far...Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Please, please do not spray poison in or around your home...........go to Home Depot and buy some Black and Decker Electronic Pest Offenders. All you have to do is plug them into your electrical outlets and in a week or less all the critters should be GONE. They work 100% for any and all pests including spiders however, the Black and Decker brand is the only brand that works for all pests. Do not order any of these devices from T.V. because they will not get rid of spiders. The Black and Decker devices are completely safe for humans and pets because they send off ultrasonic sounds within the walls of your home that messes up the central nervous system of the pests but you or your pets will not be able to hear the sound. If you do see any pests after you install these devices, they will either be dead or dying. I have been using them for 3 1/2 years now and would not be without them. I advise you to use at least one in each room. Relax, your problem is nearly over. sewandsew

    Why am I so afraid of spiders, why do I get bitten so often?
    I am terrified of spiders! I can't even look at pictures of them without totally freaking out!-just the thought of them scares me. Once, i saw a black spider on the door frame, and hid in the hamper until someone killed it. Why am I so scared??? How can I get over it???
    For some reason, I have been bitten about 4 or 5 times. Always at night. I was just wondering if maybe it's because of my blood. is there something in it that makes them bite me? What are some home remedies for spider bites?

    Thanks ahead, sorry for asking you so many questions at once!

    • ANSWER:
      I'm right there with you! I hate spiders and I'm scared to death of them too! The only good spider is a FLAT, DEAD SPIDER! I'm not sure if your blood type would attract them or not. I'll tell you of a real good product that will get rid of the spiders for you. It's a product made by Spectracide and it's called "Bug Stop". It's the best stuff I've ever used and have been using it for probably six years or so. It comes in a 32 oz. spray bottle and you can buy gallon refills. The best part is the price. The 32 oz. is about and the gal. is about . Good prices! You can get it at Walmart or Kmart and most hardware stores. It may be a seasonal item in some areas. We can only get it during the summer in the garden shop part of the stores. If you have pets, that's not a problem. You can spray the Bug Stop around doorways, floor vents, behind the refrigerator and stove, etc. The good part is, when it dries, if your pet walks where you sprayed the Bug Stop, that's no problem. But if a spider or other creepy crawler goes on the area you sprayed, it's history! This stuff supposedly keeps working for 6 - 9 months! It looks like water and dries clear, so you don't even know it's there until you see a dead spider nearby. You can set the spray on "stream" and shoot the spider from 8 feet away too. You don't have to be close! I hope Spectracide keeps making this stuff because it's the best! It's also great for spraying outdoors where spiders are in the summer. I've also heard that placing "Hedge Apples" around the perimeter of a basement will keep spiders out of a house. I've seen people who were terrified of spiders, work with a person who starts with placing small spiders in their hand and works up to the tarantulas. The person can then hold one of these big guys in their hand! If a spider like that gets within ten feet of me, he's DEAD! I'll just stay scared of them if that's what you do to overcome your fear of spiders! So, get the Bug Stop and spray it around your rooms and anywhere you've seen spiders and hopefully they'll leave. Good luck!

    A good home remedy for spider mites?
    Thanks =-)

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing really from home but if they are anything like crabs I would visit the std clinic ;-)

    Home rememdies for spot treatment/Irritated skin: PLEASE HELP!!!!?
    My boyfriend is comming over tomorrow and I had a zit so I put toothpaste on it cause i herd it shrinks it and it really burned so I took it off and its really irritated and feels like a burn, its inflamed and looks like a spider bite. Home remedies????

    • ANSWER:

    What is the best home remedy for bug bites to stop the itching?
    Mosquito, deer fly and spider bites. Just some home remedy that stops the itch and swelling.

    • ANSWER:
      Try sulfur soap & cortisone cream

    What are some good home remedies for itch from a bug bit?
    Likely bug
    maybe a spider

    • ANSWER:

    Is there a home remedy for getting rid of spider veins?
    I exercise a lot and am developing spider veins around my ankles. My doctor said to avoid that new laser surgery. He thinks it is dangerous. Anyone know of a home remedy to get rid of these things or to at least stop the progress?

    • ANSWER:
      hormones maybe off (copper and estrogen high), thyroid maybe low.

    Does anyone have a home remedy, or know an inexpensive treatment?
    Does anyone have a traditional home remedy for varicose or spider veins that has not been disclosed or widely known?

    • ANSWER:
      K cream works for me

    how to kill spiders?please tell me remedy for removal of spiders and webs in house?
    I often found multiple spiders in every corner of my old house?they disappear only by cleaning or manually....is there any home remedy or to remove these webs.

    • ANSWER:

    any home remedies/treatment for a brown recluse spider bite?

    • ANSWER:
      The active ingredient in brown recules spider venom is thought to be sphingomyelinase D, which is an enzyme that degrades some lipids very important to the body. There is not a proven natural way to inhibit sphingomyelinase D, so tissue death aound the site of the bite will occur and may continue for some time.

      See a doctor ASAP. (Like tonight)

    home remedy for spider mites?
    ARRG! they keep coming back!! any pointers?

    • ANSWER:
      Increase the humidity level - safely for the particular plants concerned, and spray with water to dislodge them - I use diluted insecticidal soap to spray, as this will kill some of them (though they are not insects). Diluted hand washing soap is a home solution that you could adopt, just watch closely for any leaves drying out, as commercial soaps are good at 'cleaning' things that they touch, and this can mean some damage to foliage,

      In general Spider Mites like hot dry conditions, so if they don't get these they won't flourish as well. Of course, many plants like these too, and removing these would have negative effects upon many plants.

      I generally find that stressed plants are more prone to very severe mite infestation, compared to the healthiest plants, and this is true for most opportunistic plant infestations and infections. So, keeping your plants as healthy as possible is important too, and keeping a close eye on those that have had problems for insects, mites etc is valuable.

      I spray my infested plants twice a day with at least water, and keep all surfaces scrupulously clean - and wet them down, including plant pots, As spraying may dislodge some of the mites, and not kill them, I also do it away from their growing area, so that they can't just crawl back on to the plants. Neem oil may also be valuable, though I haven't used it recently, generally preferring just water sprays and diluted soap sprays intermingled.

      Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

    getting rid of spiders/ getting rid of the fear of spiders?
    so i was just in the shower and when i got out there was a spider on the wall! i have the BIGGEST fear of spiders ever.we dont usually see them alot but when they do appear is there any ways to prevent them from getting in. and is there anyway of killing them without having to smack it with a broom or calling for someone to kill it for me? (ie. i use a broom to kill them cause i hate getting close to them)
    if there is any other way of killing them whether its a home remedy of spider poision or store bought stuff i would love to know what's the best to rid of them.
    btw, is there any way of ever getting over a fear of spiders?

    • ANSWER:
      Not sure where you live, but in England to put spider off taking up refuge in your home you would collect conkers and place them in the corner of the rooms. This has to be redone every year as only fresh conkers will do. Spiders hate them.

      They say confront your fears, I hate spiders and have never tried it, but if your brave enough go to your local zoo and ask if the helpers can give you any information, of find some local nut that keeps tarantulas and ask him to help. Best of luck, your very brave.

    what is a home remedy for a spider bite?
    its to early for the store but my daughter got bit by something its a little red and it burns and itches, what can i use

    • ANSWER:
      Cortisone cream or benedryl cream. Be careful and watch her closely, some spiders bites can cause a severe life threatning reaction. Making a baking soda paste will help some, but not as much as the benedryl.

    Are there any known home remedies for a ulcer on the leg as a result of a bite from a brown recluse spider?

    • ANSWER:
      GO TO A HOSPITAL. The venom of the brown recluse spider will slowly eat away flesh and lead to infection.

    what the best remedy for spiders in the home?
    my room is in the basement and there are spiders everywhere but not as bad as upstairs. But anyways what are natural remedys that work well? and are there any man made ones ?

    • ANSWER:
      Well I used to keep the spiders way down in the upper part of my house by vacuuming the rafters and pipes and hoses and around the windows in the basement. Then spray after you have vacuumed and removed the bag and discarded it. Get into all the crevices and under trim around windows and baseboards. I would definitely use some spray regularly to deter them from coming back and do regular cleaning with vacuum

    whats the best home remedy for a spider bite?

    • ANSWER:
      You may want to get it checked out by a doctor just to be sure it's not from a black widow or a brow recluse. As a general rule you want to ice something (20 mins on 20 mins off) to reduce swelling in the first 48 hours then heat after that. I would recommend getting an "after-bite" stick from the store, I use it on mosquito bites and they stop itching that day and the bite is gone the next.

    What helps spider bites?
    My husband was bit by a couple of spiders and it looks kind of gross. Anyone have any home remedies for spider bites?

    • ANSWER:
      Spider Bite

      1. Wash the bite with soap and water.
      2. Apply a cool compress.
      3. Apply Bite Rx.
      4. If necessary, take over-the-counter medication to control pain or itching.
      5. Antibiotics are not helpful unless the wound becomes infected.
      6. Do not cut or apply suction to the wound.
      7. Monitor the bite for redness, swelling, pain, or signs of infection.
      8. Re-apply Bite Rx to control bite symptoms and promote healing.
      9. If redness, swelling or pain does not subside or there are signs of infection consult your physician.