Kevin Trudeau One Minute Cure

The Kevin Trudeau website talks about "Free Money" which is one of his most popular products today. This particular product is currently an infomercial on television and is hosted by Misha Dibano. In the infomercial she plays the role of an average American who is taken by surprise by what Kevin says to her. This 30 minute commercial is a pitch for his new book titled "Free Money" by Kevin Trudeau who is known to be a bestselling author. The author claims that Americans can actually get millions in free money if they want. He says that there are 4000 state, local and government programs that are ready to give away money to anyone who applies for them. He also says that there are 100,000 sources for money that go to the American citizens.

What is the Book About?

The book Free Money can also be found on Kevin Trudeau website. In his book he provides examples of free funds that are currently available even to average people. Some of the examples include $2800 for paying heating costs, $9500 for paying bills and even $1200 for paying the mortgage. You can also get $800 for food, $170 monthly for parking and $3000 for any volunteer work that you may be doing for your neighbourhood. You can also get $4800 for family expense, $1000 for other funds and $328 for rent. As far as free services are concerned, the book mentions free hotel rooms, air travel, eye glasses and dental care.

The Concept of Lost Money

The concept of lost money can be found in this bestselling book and also on Kevin Trudeau website. These lost funds come from various things like paychecks, bank accounts, IRAs, stocks, mortgages and deceased relatives. One of the most amazing things is that around 140 million people would be eligible to apply for not one, but all of such programs. However, there are only 20 million people that apply for them. Once you apply for the program, you can receive funds as quick as in 30 days. This may be quite an interesting book and a very informative book for those who want to learn more about taking benefits from some of the government schemes.

At the bottom of this infomercial you will find the fine print which mentions that the eligibility requirements will apply and that the amount and the terms of these grants vary. The price listed on this infomercial for this book is $29.95 and the package will include free book called "Debt Cures and "Easy $5k guide". The Easy $5K guide is all about home based businesses. It is quite similar to the similar Jeff Paul book but it does have its own unique selling points and may be helpful to quite a lot of Kevin Trudeau website fans.

Next, continue learning more about important information that can be found on the Kevin Trudeau website including the how to manage your finances and business more effectively and market it online as successfully as possible.