Lung Cancer Cures Stage 4

Black lung disease is an occupational lung disease caused by prolonged inhalation of coal extract dust. Black lung disease is also called silicosis, coal people' pneumoconiosis, or black lung. Discover the signs, symptoms, behavior & prevention of black lung disease. Black lung disease is a brand of pneumoconiosis, a prepare caused by inhaling certain forms of dust into the lungs. Specifically, black the inhalation caused lung disease of coal dust, which tends to transform the lungs black instead of their regular pink color. It occurs only among people in coal mines, or those in other work situations that affect high exposure to coal dust.

A constant occupational lung disease contracted by the prolonged breathing of coal extract dust. The silica and carbon in the coal dust grounds black lung disease. About one of every 20 miners studied in the US has X-ray evince of black lung disease, a form of pneumoconiosis. In its early stages, called unadorned pneumoconiosis, the disease does not stop the miner from effective or carrying on most normal activities. In some miners, the disease never becomes more plain. In other miners, the disease progresses from simple to complicated pneumoconiosis, a prepare also called progressive enormous fibrosis. Pneumoconiosis is not reversible. There is no certain medicine. Causes
Some patients upgrade emphysema (a disease in which the tiny air sacs in the lungs become broken, chief to tininess of breath, and respiratory and sympathy collapse) as a complication of black lung disease. Others progress a brutal enter of black lung disease called progressive colossal fibrosis, in which wound continues in the better parts of the lungs even after exposure to the dust has ended.

Disease of the lungs caused by an accumulation of dust, especially from coal, asbestos, or silica. Inhaling particles make the lungs regularly fibrous and the victim has difficulty breathing. Over many time the order causes acute disability.

After the emphysema strikes mutely in black lung disease, there comes scarring of the lungs and nodule formation in the lung tissues. The symptoms and breathing purpose test result in patients with black lung disease are regularly much poorer than the chest X-ray picture would show. There is, unfortinately, no certain dealing for black lung disease.


The chief symptom of the disease is smallness of breath, which gradually gets worse as the disease progresses. In ruthless luggage, the unwearied may widen cor pulmonale, an enlargement and strain of the right plane of the mind caused by returning lung disease. This may eventually produce right-sided heart failure.

Simple black lung usually does not start symptoms. However, many people with this disease cough and simply become petite of breath because they also have an airway disease, such as bronchitis or emphysema, and these are more probable to occur in smokers. The dangerous stages of progressive enormous fibrosis, on the other hand, cause coughing and often disabling shortness of breath.


Unfortunately, there's no detailed conduct for black lung disease. People whose lung impairment has reached the moment that they would help from supplemental oxygen, or mega oxygen at home, would sure meet oxygen. Other than that, there's unfortunately no exact medicine that reverses the injure that's been done to the lungs. The hurt that's done could be thought of as a mutilate, and just as you might have a wound on your arm that doesn't go away or doesn't cure, scars, or fibrosis inside the lungs don't go away either.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best treatment for lung cancer stage 3A?
    Hi, my father has been diagnosed stage 3A lung cancer, the cancer size is 5.8 x 4.2 x 3.8 cm.

    I have no idea about lung cancer at all, can you guys who have any experienced in curing/treating lung cancer may enlighten me please T.T ..

    • ANSWER:
      Stage 3A is best treated by either 4 cycles of cheotherapy (ciplatin doublet) followed by Radiotherapy or Concurrent radiotherapy and Chemotherapy (both chemo and RT given together)
      geftinib is not for the patient alone...however if he was a NEVER SMOKER it may benefit with chemotherapy but not alone upfront

    Can Tian Xian Liquid cure lung and liver cancer stage 4 ?

    • ANSWER:
      No scientific documented evidence exists that proves the liquid 'cures' cancer or if there is any 'benefit' to taking it. Clinical studies using human beings have failed to confirm efficiacy. Internet claims have been primarily focused on advertising and marketing with no reliable source to back them up. Before trying out any product it is best to check with your oncologist as sometimes mixing unknown liquids like this can produce unexpected side effects. The product basically exists to sell and so there is no regulation or inspection to see if the product is the same from bottle to bottle or if there are any safety issues to be concerned about. It is buyer beware.

      Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: Tian Xian

    what is the succes rate of curing lung cancer, my friend has it, and it is now at stage 4..?

    he is 26 years old,male, current health status, well,, he has this bump already.. and he's experiencing alot of pain.. but no worries he's already being treated, i just wanna know what are the chances

    • ANSWER:
      At a stage 4, not very good. But, these days there are more treatments available than before. So, best to ask the odds from an oncologist.

    My dad has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.?
    The cancer has spread to his bone at the spine and also to his skull. Are there any cures? Has anyone of you witness such cases with cure? How to make my dad feels more comfortable? How best to prepare for the worst? I need advices and your prayer. Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      God Bless you and your dad it is really hard to cope with everything going on .Is your dad still able to get around???? Please take time to let him know how much you love him and spend as much time as you can together also may I recommend contacting Hospic they are WONDERFUL they can help you to answer some of the fears and concerns you and your dad my have also if he is in a lot of pain ask the doctor about a three day pain patch you change it every three days can't remember the name of it they had my mother-in-law on them they do help some my mother-in law passed away almost two years ago with mastic breast cancer that spread all over her body cancer is a mean thing and most of the time not always no one ever wins that battle again I am so sorry for you all enjoy the time you may have left with your dad.Are you an only child?????

    My daughters dad (MY EX) has been diagnosed with stage 4 sarcoma cancer in his neck and lung?
    What is the cure rate for stage 4 sarcoma cancer. He is only 53 years old ! Also has had a drinking problem for years. Is stage 4 the highest it gets ?

    • ANSWER:

    Seeking info on stage 4 lung cancer....?
    My Step-Father was recently told he had Lung Cancer. Waiting on test results to find out what type. Drs. recently told my Mom he is in stage 4. My question is-What exactly is stage 4? And - How much longer does he have because Drs. don't believe it can be cured due to the severeness of it? He is in his 70's. Any info will be appreciated. Also, if you have a smart comment on this don't bother- this is a very touchy situation for me. Thanks.
    Surgery won't help neither will chemo. Dr. gonna do radiation for 10 days but don't think it will be much help due to his age and how much cancer has spread. Dr. says radiation treatment will not treat it just slow it down, but it's into his bones, spine, & blood aldeady.

    • ANSWER:
      Stage 4 lung cancer means they can't do surgery. Your step-father should look for alternative ways to survive this disease. Drs. may want him to do chemo and/or radiation, but he should really research this to see if either will benefit him. I have a sister who was diagnosed in 2002 with Stage 4. She is a non-smoker, and never did chemo. She has changed her diet to exclude all sugars, and has gone mainly raw. She took Iressa (chemo pill) for a few years and it really helped her, but her body became immune to it. She is now starting a new clinical trial, because her sympoms have gotten worse. The doctors gave her one year to live 5 years ago. Just tell your step-father to FIGHT.....

    i need help finding info. in the blank spaces which is statistics and How to live with lung cancer also ......?
    read and tell me how it is so far

    I. Intro.
    Lung cancer was uncommon before the invention of tobacco. Lung cancer became known during the year of 1761. But in the year of 1810 lung cancer became father discovered.Fritz Lickint recognized the link between smoking and lung cancer. Lung cancer was mainly found in men because of the smoking of cigars. Then people began to notice cigarettes, Cigarettes were/are a major lung cancer _________ . So many treatments became discovered to cure lung cancer.

    II. Definition 1
    Lung cancer is a carcinoma that develops in the epithelial cells that form the interior lining to the lungs. The airways get the most exposure to inhaled pollutants, thus most people who get lung cancer are smokers. Lung cancer is not just one disease. There are many types of cancer that form in the lungs most of which you can only see through a microscope.
    The most common cancer of the lungs is epidermis. It is also known as
    squamous carcinoma because its cells look like a flat surface called a squamous cell. This cancer produces keratin, a substance found in skin and hair, which can be seen in a tumor. Squamous carcinoma is more common in smokers because it develops in the bronchi and spreads by invading local tissues, than to the lymph nodes and into the blood.
    Large - cell carcinoma is a tumor that is fairly larger than other types. They don’t form keratin but they are common in smokers. They develop in the central or peripheral part of the lungs and the lymph glands.
    Small cell carcinoma tumors are small and fragile. They are divided into groups by their shapes. The term “oat cell carcinoma” is used to develop in smokers and usually in the central part of the lung. They spread by the lymph lands and into the blood stream early. This type of tumors can only be seen through an electron microscope on high magnification.

    III. Causes
    Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer. Lung cancer may also be the most tragic cancer because in most cases, it might have been prevented -- smoking causes 87% of lung cancer cases. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 different chemicals, many of which are proven cancer-causing substances, or carcinogens. Smoking cigars or pipes also increases the risk of lung cancer. Many of the chemicals in tobacco smoke also affect the nonsmoker inhaling the smoke, making "secondhand smoking" another important cause of lung cancer. It is responsible for approximately 3,000 lung cancer deaths.

    IV. Treatment
    Treatment depends on the type of lung cancer, the size of the tumor, the location of the tumor, the stage of illness, the age of the patient, and the overall health of the patient. Surgery is performed to remove the tumor if there is no chance that the cancer has spread. If the disease has spread, then treatment will often include radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Radiation therapy is based on the use of ionizing radiation to destroy cancerous cells. Chemotherapy is treatment of a disease using drugs that directly poison the disease organism. Early stage non-small cell lung cancers are best treated surgically and later stage non-small cell lung cancers are best treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or a combination of the two. For small cell lung cancers, chemotherapy by itself or with radiation therapy is used instead of surgery.

    V. STATISTICS on men women and kids

    VI. How to live with lung cancer

    VII. Conclusion
    In conclusion the best way to prevent lung cancer is to not smoke or be around people who do. People should not start smoking, and those who already smoke should quit. Everyone should avoid breathing in other people's smoke.

    VIII. References
    "Lung, Cancer". 4 November 1998.
    "Adults cancer help in the uk". http://mdweb. /indx.html.
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    Laszio, John. Understanding Cancer. New York, New York: Harper and Row. 1984.
    Holleb, Arthur. Cancer Book. Garden city, New York: Madrona Publishing Inc., 1984.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like homework. You can research it by putting the sentence into a search engine.

    how to cure a stage 4 cancer?
    my grandmother is 71 years old, and she's suffering from a stage 4 breast cancer, the cancer had spreaded to the lungs and liver

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, the outlook of metastatic cancer is never good, but some people have lived for decades with these tumors.

      Spend as much time as you can with your grandma, and tell her that you love her.

      Although the chance of survival is slim, remission - or at least a few more decades of life - has been achieved in some with stage four malignancies. It can be managed with surgery, chemotherapy, etc.

      Make sure she stays as active as possible, maintains a positive outlook, and eats lots of healthy food.


    • ANSWER:
      I am sorry but it is very advanced stage,only palliative treatment is only possible.
      The average 5 year survival is only 2-5% only.
      He will need chemo/radio ,hospice care is suggested.

    what are some signs about lung cancer towards the end?
    well, my best friend had breast cancer 2 years ago. now they told her she had stage 4 lung cancer. it's in both lungs large tumors a small.she looks good and feels good. she's going to issel's cancer center in ca. very expensive. a natural cures center. she has the money it's not a problem. she leaves for ca. sunday for four weeks. i'll miss her alot. she's my running buddy. what i want to know is what should i expect later on down the road? her dr. gave her a year to live. with chemo 2 yrs. she had such a terrible time with chemo she doesn't want to have it again. all she has is a small cough once in a while. thank you very much. she has no family here. her stepmother and niece live in southern il. both have health problems. thanks boop

    • ANSWER:
      I am going to be very honest with you... I lost my mom a few years back to cancer due to cigarettes and it was a very hard time for not only me but my father as well....We were fortunate {if you can call it that} because her cancer went straight up into her spinal column and found her brain...She passed on three weeks later not having to go through the extreme pain associated with the disease

      I could recount for you all of the symptoms and her rapid deterioration but I prefer not to

      I believe very strongly in trying to remember my mother for her life she had and the life that she gave to so many others ... She was my stepmom but in her eyes I was her child and in return I tried everything I could to make her proud

      When she needed me I was there... The job that I had working construction took a backseat- and when they told me I could not go I left anyway

      two hundred bucks and a bus ticket home {my truck was in a shop at that time and I left that behind as well}

      I was home for the whole year being there for her for all those times she had been there for me- and the final three weeks we {my father and I} never left her side in the terminal ward at the hospital {my father had to work, but since I was without a job I could stay with her at all times-- and I did without a moment's hesitation}

      Those times were the hardest and will always be a part of me-- not only in mind but heart ...her suffering was my pain {and worse that there was nothing that I could do but watch}

      You do not want to know the final days or what will happen to this person that you care for...
      remember her life and that life that she shared with you
      cherish those moments -


    does anyone know the best place to go to treat small cell lung cancer?
    my mum was diagnosed with limited stage 1 small cell lung cancer on wednesday 3rd feb and then on the 4th started her chemo. i just wanted to if anyone knew the best place to go for small cell lung cancer? looking at going private if we have to as willing to do anything to get her cured

    • ANSWER:
      The best place I know is Sloan Kettering in NYC USA. I wish you and your mum well.

    Can late stage colon cancer be cured? How long is the life expectancy?
    My grandmother was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer (duke system C2) last year July and she lives in Beijing china. She did the surgery in August and took Capecitabine after the surgery for 6 months. In the early months of her capecitabine medication, she took half of the dosage (a mistake). This year May, through pet and ct scan, the doctor said her cancer has came back. She is now in Chemotherapy and just completed her 2nd cycle today. What is her current stage of colon cancer? is it still 3 or is it now 4 because it came back? Her cancer has not spread to liver or lung. Can the colon cancer in her situation be cured? How long is her life expectancy from this point? In china, there are two choices of chemotherapy, a United states kind and a china kind, the china kind is one third of the price, the doctor said it is the same, do you agree?

    • ANSWER:
      Watch this -> (new video released this year)

      And this -> (old video released in the 70's)

    Can we trust "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer" by Kelley Eidem?
    Hi My Father has Melanoma Stage 4 cancer, In the recent scan they found the impression it spread into lungs. Can you please give your suggestions what kind of treatments that we can go through. Today I found about the book "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer" by Kelley Eidem. Do anybody used this formula to cure cancer.

    • ANSWER:
      No-one can cure cancer, only treat it.

      They can, however, write and sell misleading books about it and make a fat profit.

    how do I care for myself, my sisters and my mom (with lung and brain cancer) alone without going crazy!?
    I'm 26 and my mom was told she had stage 4 lung cancer in Dec. 06. Doc said she had a few months to a year if treatment went good (there was no chance of operating or a cure) she went thro treatment and was doing well no knew growth (still there) and seemed like she could live a good life for a few years (maybe) if the cancer did not grow again. In Dec. 07 mom started to say funny things and was getting mixed up over the smallest things one day one her way home from an appt. (she has O.C.D. and is very independent dosn't like help) she realized that she should NOT be driving. (she has not since) I called the doctor we went and he saw that this woman was whacked so he sent us for a head to toe ct and a few days later i got the call ur mom has two brain tumors. 2 weeks later we're in the hospital having a quarter sized tumor removed the few weeks later cyber knif treatment on the smaller 1 she still acts crazy and i am getting there FAST HELP

    • ANSWER:
      This is exactly what hospice is designed to do - help you take care of your mom at home. Her prognosis fits the six month guideline (estimated). They have nurses and social workers and volunteers to help give you some breaks. Ask her doctor for a referral to your local hospice organization.

    Found web many testimony Cured cancer. Anybody have idea is it real ?
    I am very intersted. Actually one of my relatives with Lungs Cancer stage 4, afraid Chemo therapy, tried it for the last 3 weeks. She start feeling less pains from Her back, sleep normal at night and can walk without assistance, although still not able to return to Her job, but improving daily. The one thing She notice about some skin blistered appeared. I want to inform everybody in this world maybe, Here the answer for chemo alternative. I wish somebody more intelligent than me knowledgeable will give idea how exactly possibly works.

    • ANSWER:
      Yup, Monkeydamor is right - it's a new twist on an old scam, and the link you provide is to a poorly-written site trying to sell us stuff.

      The plural of anecdote is not data; unsubstantiated testimonials on the internet mean nothing.

      Sadly wherever there is cancer there is an unscrupulous charlatan eager to part desperate and vulnerable people from their money. This is one such scam

    Stage 4 colon cancer?
    My mom has stage 4 colon cancer. It has spread to her lungs, liver, and bones. Chemotherapy has not helped. I have heard of natural remedies. I know that stage 4 is very very hard to cure, but are there any possible ways to help it at all? Any natural oils, pills.. ANYTHING please help. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      I am very sorry to hear about your Mom.....You are right, stage 4 is not good...... she could go into remission, but even with all the chemo or pills or natural remedies, (herbs) she is going to have a very rough time., and with stage 4 , there really isnt a cure..., this is hard to hear I know, but I have been through it with my Mom..... .You need to be aware that she might not come through this..... spend as much time with her as you can....... be there, talk about your life....laugh, hug her alot .... If you live near an herbalist, maybe they can help....... look one up in your area...... and God bless you ........ let me know how she is doing.... please........ I care.......... email me at yahoo......

    My dog has lung cancer. What do i do?
    My 6 year old foster dog was just diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Its to late in the stages to cure him. The vet said he could pass away at anytime between the next week or in two months or a year. Has anyone else gone through this? I want to know if there's anything i could do? When we fostered him he was already very emaciated and had an infection. Since then the infection is gone and he has lost 4 pounds. He is on a lot of medication but they aren't there to cure him, just to make his time left a little less painful. What do i do??
    He is not suffering at this time, I am aware that when he is i will need to have him euthanized. I work at the humane society and was fostering him with hopes to adopt, until we found out about the cancer.

    • ANSWER:

    Treating Cancer with Gene Therapy in China??
    i've heard that Gene therapy is only approved in china as a standard way to treat cancer patients. in the rest of the world it's just experamental, and only used in trials.

    so do you know any hospiatls in china who would do it?
    or if you could tell me about the best Cancer Hospitals in China.

    My father has lung cancer (stage 4) and he's not fit enough for Chemotherapy. so Gene therapy might be the only way to cure him.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi,don't know about gene therapy,however I can tell you about a nutritional product that is used in Japan and China as a primary treatment for cancer.It is called Beta 1,3-D Glucan.They have been using it since 1990s.It has shown remarkable anti-tumor activity against a wide range of tumors.It also helps people undergoing radiaton and chemotherapy by boosting the immune system.You can research it at Hope this helps you.

    I want to invest money/time to d best cancer cure tech on earth?
    I am a cancer sufferer. I tried my best to find in the Internet the best credible cancer cure technology.. so far only web I found more reliable in terms of non toxic, less cost and effective based from my own interviews to some of the patients, including my relatives with stage 4 Lungs cancer under treatment from ismaelwater. daily its getting stronger and gaining weight after 3 weeks, but still I want harden skeptics to visit the web of ismael and give their scientific reasonnable comments. Ismael offering, now No cure no pay. Do you think ismael discovery is worth to be invested, including curing my health problem ?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi hello what ever may the type of cancer you have or need information about cancer you will fine all the solutions for that you are searching in this site, because i got many usefull informations from this site and it helped me to get well from my cancer, So go through this site to find your answers you need, stay in good health god bless you.

    Any cure for stage IV colon cancer.?
    My husband has stage 4 colon cancer with mets to his liver and base of lungs. He is taking chemo oxaliplatin with oral pill xeloda. He has constant back pain and sleeplessness. His backpain aggravates while lying down. Actually it was his back pain that led to a thorough investigation that found his cancer.
    Please tell me whether there is any cure for this cancer whether in allopathy or inalternative medicine. He is physically active and was fit till diaganosed.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes I understand your predicament and feel for your husband. Actually there is no cure for any type of cancer and only by timely and proper treatment by an able Oncologist the life can be extended. In many cases I have seen Colon cancer stage II and Stage IV patients have sucessfully responded to the allopathy treatement and lived for more years.

      Oxaliplatin is an investigational chemotherapy medicine used to treat certain types of cancer by destroying cancerous cells. Oxaliplatin is also known in other countries by its brand names Eloxatin and Transplatine. Other names for oxaliplatin include Oxalatoplatin, Oxalatoplatinum. Oxaliplatin has been used to treat metastatic colorectal cancer amoung other cancers.

      Only above treatement/drug is best known for colon cancer and any other alternative medicines have not proved to be the best. Please therefore carry on the treatment with this medicine as advised by your Oncologist and take care of him. I wish him a speedy recovery and have a long life. -

    Leiomysarcoma lung cancer?
    i want to know if this isint cancer why thay told me there was no cure i have this in my lung why did thay gave me chemo thay told me im stage 4.

    • ANSWER:
      Leiomyosarcomas are cancers.
      If your doctors told you this was stage IV, it means that the smooth muscle malignancy (the leiomyosarcoma) started somewhere else in your body and spread to your lungs. That is fairly common for soft tissue sarcomas. So you have a common presentation for an uncommon type of cancer. Stage IV soft tissue sarcomas are not considered curable.
      I strongly recommend that you write down your questions and ask your oncologists when you see them. They have far more information regarding your medical situation than we have by computer forums like this. You should have received a thorough explanation before you agreed to chemotherapy treatments. Explaining things in detail is part of the job for medical oncologists. It is the most time consuming part of the job, but it is very necessary. I explained things over and over for my patients and their family members. Often they needed to hear it repeatedly before it sank in. This is due to understandable fear, denial, and people simply not wanting to hear bad news.
      Many people kept asking the same questions until they heard something they liked. This is all part of human nature. Many in your situation would repeatedly ask, "Why did I get this rare type of cancer." There simply is no answer for that because no one on earth knows why.

    My father has been diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal cancer which has spread to his liver and to his lungs. The doctors have told us that there is no cure for him due to the progression of the cancer.The cancer is very aggressive and has gotten worse 3 weeks down the track the tumor has ulcerated. I am trying to stay positive and i was wondering if anyone knows of any Natural remedies that may slow the progression of the cancer and/or give him longer to live. I am terrified to loose my father i just wish there was a way to help him. The doctors have told us the only treatment option we have is chemo, even though they haven't had any success with treating cancer of this stage. if anyone has any advice or any experience in using Natural medicines to help with cancer please let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      You can see another doctor for a second opinion. Or even a third opinion. If they all concur, then the best thing would be to get to work on accepting the reality of the situation.

    can 4th stage of sarcoma cancer be cured?any suggestions please. Patient is a 24 year old girl in the U.S.?
    The primary part that was affected is the breast, now it has spread to the stomach and is touching the pancreas and the lung. The doctors say that they can prolong life for about 2 to 2/12 years. Any suggestions on what to do. This is a desperate plea to anyone who has suggestions.
    thank you,

    • ANSWER:

    Larynx cancer 4th stage, can it be cured?
    My uncle has a larynx cancer 4th stage and it has spread to the lungs too. I want to know whether it is curable. If it is not, how long will it take for him to die, usually (i know everyone's different). Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      i have terminal cancer, small cell 4th, in many parts of my body, the lungs are one. my dr. told me as long as i stay with my chemo treatments i could die of old age before the cancer. the main thing is to keep a positive attitude and find the humor in life. DO NOT GIVE UP, DON'T LET THE CANCER BEAT YOU. my aunt had the same problem a 30 years ago and she is still kicking today!

    Lung Cancer Spread to Brain and kidny and back bone.?
    My father is suffering form lung cancer, it is spread to brain,kidny and back bone. doctors said that no use of treatments because its already in the stage 4th. any theraphy or hospital can cure this?

    please mention any other medicines to cure this. or contacts give me if it is in India.


    • ANSWER:
      The answer above is probably right. I'm very very sorry. :( REALLY sorry.

    My dad is 74. and have a Lung, liver and stomach Cancer. PLEASE HELP?
    My dad is 74 years old. In January of 2010 he got sick with a flu. Doctors gave him a antibiotics but he didn't got any better. Every night he gets a high fever up to 102. So I took him to the Glendale Adventist Hospital for check up. After a deep check ups, X Rey's, Blood work, C-scan and liver biopsy they told me that he have a stage 4 lung (15cm), stomach and liver cancer. They discharge him home. Cancer doctor told me that he would like to give him a small dosage of chi mos. But I don't like to put my dad into that. My father still can walk, talk, eat by mouth but he is very-very week. His tongue is all red (burgundy) and ankles are swollen.

    Is any one can help me to find a cure for him (even if it's illegal)?

    Thank you and God Bless you...

    • ANSWER:
      Do not do chemo. It will only kill him faster. Tell him to see a nutritionist. Eat only fruits and vegetables. Drink only purified water.

    Cancer and ethics, who do you contact if they (DR.)failed to follow patients wishes?
    My Mom was miss Diagnosed in the beginning as stage 4 lung cancer, when we moved her to University of Ky Hospitial, they told us stage 3 B. At both Hospitals my mom said she only wanted treatment if they felt she could be cured. The Doctors never told her or the family otherwise for a really long time, until my mom had already went through radiation, and chemotherapy, and was sent home being told they had made progress, and that the cancer was dying. A week later they did a scan and told us it had not metastasized any where and was confined in her left lung, but they saw new cell growth in that lung, so they wanted her on a pill form of chemotherapy. Back and forth for over a month there was a debate as to if insurance would cover, they would tell us yes, and the doctors no, and when they finally got a yes, she was told it was being sent..she never got it, now its to late. She began to have fluid fill around her lungs so they put a drain in, now she is worse than ever!!!!!!!
    After the drain was put in my mom began to have more trouble breathing. Not once until this late stage when my mommy is expected to die did anyone ever tell us that she never had a chance, they they were not treating her for a cure but instead to prolong her life. They failed to follow my mothers wishes. My mom did not want to be hooked up on machines, nor did she want chemo or radiation unless there was a real chance of killing the cancer and her having a chance to live! My Mom let her wishes be known in the beginning, now she suffers. Were her ethical rights violated??? Who should we contact if they were, because this was wrong in my book.
    Treatment was started with in 2 days of diagnosis, they told her that they wanted to shrink it so they could remove the lung, then she was told they couldnt remove the lung. Then she was told she was responding to treatment, then a few days later that she wasn't, then since shes been the hospital this time, they told her it hadn't spread, and less that 4 hours later they told her it had went to the tubes that drain fluid into the kidneys, then they said it hadn't spread to other organs again, but that those tubes were blocked. She accepted treatment because she thought they were trying to cure her, not prolong her life so she could live this way. She really thought it was cured. As for the meds I mentioned, we were told by the pharmacy at the University of Kentucky that they were being filled by the insurance companies home delivery pharmacy ( you know recieving it by the mail ). Until last week we thought my mom had a chance, she was strong, until they put that tube in her back.
    I ment she thought she was going to be cured the doctors gave her all hope of this, she didn't want to suffer like this.

    • ANSWER:
      You need a full copy of the medical records and a lawyer.

      Unfortunatly there isnt much that can be done about lung cancer in late stages.
      And no doctor is going to tell a patient that treatment WILL cure them or make them better. There is just no way to know for sure. Some people react differently than others.
      And she could have refused. She had to sign permission for everything they gave her.
      Who told her the meds were being sent? Sent from where? That would be the pharmacy handling that, not the insurance.
      Why did no one research this before she started the treatments in the first place?
      Beyond that, are you REALLY positive that she didnt know? Its common knowledge that late lung cancer is near impossible to survive. Maybe she decided she wasnt ready to face death and wanted or needed to try, but didnt know how to tell people that, so she just went along with what she was already saying.
      And even past that, its sounds like in the beginning that it was working. Maybe there was a chance until this new growth appeared.

      Right now, quit worrying about all this and just be by her side. There is nothing that can be done to change it now. You can fight the docs later, but as it sounds you may not be able to spend time with her later.
      And you should know, that without treatment, she would have been this bad at the end too.

    Serve Throat Sore/ Cancer?
    Hello my grandmother has fought off cancer 2 times, it was lung cancer, they removed the tumors in her lung, and they moved to her brain, she did ration and kemo. anyways she has a very very sore throat after that, i might add that its her whole tube through her body to her butt its galded, she cant eat or drink, the doctor said she will surely die within a few days, and she cant eat or swollo cause it hurts her badly, we think its a effect of the ration and kemo, my grandma is very very skinny, she is like 80 lbs and she is very very weak from the lack of fluids and food, they do not want to force feed her because they believe it will cause more problems, so im asking you all for help on how to cure my grandmother throat, it doesnt have to be 100% cured right away, just enough where she can eat and drink and build her strenth back up to continue fighting back the cancer, she has stage 4 cancer.
    also i know there is no cure for stage 4 cancer, we just want to get her well so she can live longer. we're not gonna give up on her like the hospital did.

    • ANSWER:
      Because there is no cure the disease progresses so people get worse they do not get better. She is not eating or drinking because she doesn’t need to. However it may make her feel better to suck on ice chips if she is up to it and/or swab the inside of her mouth and keep her lips as moist as possible.

    Info on b cell lymphoma and alternative traetments?
    In the end, it turns out that my uncle had non-hodgkins lymphoma. You're right, the doctors didn't know much about fact, he got mis-diagnosed 3 times(first leukimia, 2nd time b cell, and then hodgkins).My uncle got put on a respirator and died. He had chemo therapy, an intraveinus type via a permanent tube stuck in his chest...

    I found these alternative traetments,afterwards,that you might be interested in:
    This one is using peroxide taken orally(food grade). One guy recommended trying it, saying that he had stage 4 lung cancer and after 6 weeks(I think), the cancer was completely gone:

    A lot of diseases are caused by held in emotions or trauma, so this technique is used for dealing with them, via energy healing,meridians, and the subconcious mind. This website has testimonials on curing cancer with this technique(EFT),just type in cancer in the search bar to find them: There's even a part of the website you can use to find practioners in your area, if interested.

    This site has videos explaing how to do EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique):

    The last is energy healing. Practioners use techniques that deal with the body's subtle energies. Removing blockages, putting the boy back into balance, and even helping the body to release trauma. Here's Donna Eden's (an author of energy healing books and an energy healer) website: Also here's the website of donna Eden's husband, who works in EFT(he refers to it as energy psycology, and has a very scientific approach):
    The first paragraph probably sounds confusing...I originally posted this for one my contacts to read, but anyone else who's interested can read it too.
    April&Panda: It's true that there's no scientific evidence, but there are testimonies, For EFT (on I can see why you'd think none of these would work April. You're right, I don't have cancer, so it is a LOT easier for me to believe that alternative treatments work...but there are EFT testimonies not just for curing cancer, but pain managment, and for fear, anger, (I don't know that much about cancer, so I'm not sure what other stuff could come up) ... I've used EFT personally, for tons of things, and from my experience with it, a lot of my problems (nothing serious) were caused by held in emotions (apparently, held in anger, sadness, and fear are the cause of 80% of diseases, including cancer)...So if anyone's interested, here's two:

    Lisa: My uncle had to go on a respirator because his lungs needed a chance to recover. He had difficulty breathing frm
    (from) fluid building up in his lungs. I'm really glad your father's tumor shrunk!

    • ANSWER:

    my friend has cancer again?
    my friend was diagnose with lung cancer. she had breast cancer 2 1/2 years ago. it is in both lungs and her left hip. she had chemo and radiation. she got so sick - she was rushed to the hospital almost after a month of chemo-her dr. put her finally she was dehydrated almost died. she does not want to have chemo and radiation. so she went online to find help. she has memorized trudeau's books. natural cures. yesterday she found the issels cancer treatment. they called her and said they took stage 4 people. it's in california and one other state. where can i find out about this dr. issels credentials? if anyone you know or you know about this type of treatment. i'm just sick over this and she keeps saying she's dying. she's not going back to the cancer dr. she wants to do this. thanks betty boop

    • ANSWER:
      You can check with Quackwatch for commentary about many of these types of 'treatments' . . mostly these places are interested in your money. However, there really is nothing that you can do personally if she wants to pursue this type of treatment. You might guide her to the ACS Guidelines for using this type of treatment :

      ACS: Guidelines For Using Complementary and Alternative Methods

      The danger in all this is that cancer is time related . . cancer does not wait while you 'experiment' with different treatments. But this is her choice and if she has the funds to do this than there is little you can do.

    Is Tarceva the answer?
    My dad is diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer and has spread to the spine and skull. Is Tarceva necessary at this stage and how effective is it? Can it cures or just help to prolong life?

    • ANSWER:
      I have heard from many different people on Tarceva. It really all depends on the person, just as some chemo works great for some.. for others like me it doesn't do any positive improvements. If and when my lung cancer starts to spread (I have been self treating for the past 16 months) then my onc said she will put me on Tarceva.

      Tarceva doesn't cure cancer, but does prolong prognosis in many cases. From some of the people I work with that have used or is using tarceva most find their cancers remain in remission or a N.E.D. (no evidence of disease) for up to two years. After that they normally have to go onto something else.

      So it is definitely worth for your Dad to try it and get regular scans to find out its effectiveness in his case.

    Where can you find truthful answers about bone cancer?
    My father has melanoma stage four cancer; he has had his lower lip removed 7 years ago, then his lymph nodes taken out 4 years ago. Now he has liver, lung, bone and brain cancer... He has already done radiation treatment and now is in clinical trials as of today. The doctors have stated they can try chemotherapy for the bone cancer after his clinical trials, but I have been doing research and the more I find it states there is know known cure for bone caner... Instead of letting this get to me, I find it helpful for me to do as much research as possible as I have no understanding of what tomorrow may bring for my father. Any links would be wonderful, Thank you in advance...

    • ANSWER: + bone cancer, search clinical trials, bone cancer can be quite painful. Your father has been through alot. You and him are very brave in this battle. american cancer, can try international organizations or professional journals. the hospital may have a library resource with journals avail. sometimes the pharmacists and nurses involved have info resources for you

    Can my husbands cancer be cured?
    My husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 renal cell carcinoma in his lungs.
    He is currently taking Sutent.
    I would like to know what to expect. Is he going to be cured? Is he going to die? How long does he have? How likely is this to spread to the brain? The liver? His bones?
    His oncologist has been very evasive and my husband does not want to know.
    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      One type of cancer cannot be compared to another so someone else’s experience with lung cancer, colon cancer, etc. is not relevant to your situation. I am sorry to say your husband’s cancer is not curable. Usually stage 4 cancers are not curable, but some can be managed better than others. The doctor is doing what he can to give your husband the best quality of life for the longest time possible. He appears evasive because he does not have the answers you are looking for. There are a lot of variables and every patient is different. Treating cancer patients is part science and part art. The best we can do is give answers based on experience, research and statistics.

      Cancer does not always behave the way we expect it to and it can spread anywhere. The most common sites RCC will spread are the lungs, liver, bones and brain. This kind of cancer is more unpredictable than most solid tumor cancers. They have variable growth patterns and mets can remain very small for long periods and sometimes are detected many years after the primary tumor was removed.

      The 5-year survival rate for stage 4 RCC is about 16%. RCC is generally resistant to chemotherapy or radiation. How long your husband actually has God only knows, but from a medical standpoint it depends on his performance status, basically how well he can carry on normal activity without symptoms of disease, and how well his cancer responds to treatment. Best wishes to you both.

    another cancer question?
    my uncle has stage 4 cancer n the brain, in the lungs, and in his bones. they discovered it just a few days ago and he always got checkups all the time. none of my family know how it is possible for this cancer to be so serious and severe but it just came out like that suddenly. its a 99 percent chance that he does have cancer but how can this be? they say its too bad to try to cure and too late but he always got checkups all the time and it was always clear until now. if he gets treatment will he still get a longer life span? will the treatment give him any side effects?? whats the best treatment?? chemo or radiation? thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      "Danielle" is correct as usual. She is a professional in this field.
      Many types of cancer progress to the end stage before signs and symptoms are evident.

      It would help us answer you if you told us what type of cancer this is.
      Is this a primary lung cancer, kidney cancer, etc etc. ??
      If it is a small cell lung cancer, chemotherapy and radiation may help quite a bit - for some extra months.
      If it is non-small cell lung cancer, radiation to the brain and painful bone lesions may palliate. Chemotherapy is less effective for this type.
      If it is a renal carcinoma, nothing helps much.
      If it is a melanoma, chemotherapy is not very useful either.

      Perhaps a lung lesion can be biopsied to provide the histologic type of the malignancy.
      We need more information to speculate about treatment choices, expected survivals, and so on.

      Of course the oncologist who knows your uncle would be the best person to explain the situation. The best way for you to find out is to go with your uncle when he sees his oncology doctor - with your uncle's permission of course.

      Cancers are not all alike.
      You are not alone - many people do not understand this.

    Can Medicine Man Tea and Zeolite (clinoptilolite)?
    help cure lung and other types of cancer? If so how safe and can they be taken in stage 4? If so, which is the better of the two?

    • ANSWER:
      Please go to the National Library of Medicine site at Entrez PubMed to start research on this. Type in zeolite or medicine man tea.

      You should be aware though that some types of natural zeolite has been associated with causing cancer.

      Also, there is at least one report that this type of tea can cause a hepatitis like disease, so you should be cautious.